#MumsKaodimEverything Video & Photo Contest

mumskaodimeverything Video and Photo Contest

Who could ever compare to Mum? She is the most amazing person in the world. No one works harder, loves harder or sacrifices more than her. Every second of the day, she is doing something important, from dropping her children off at school before heading to work to arranging for that leaky ceiling to be fixed.

This Mother’s Day, we want you to have an opportunity to surprise Mum with some amazing prizes.


mumskaodimeverything Grand Prize

A fabulous villa with its own private pool (wooohoo!). Accommodates up to 4 people (video contest only)

Second Prize x 1: Family Dinner for 4 worth RM300 (video or photo contest)
Third Prize x 1: Family Photoshoot for up to 6 people in a professional studio. (video or photo contest)

How to win prizes?

It’s super simple!

  1. Show us a glimpse of your mum in action by capturing a short video of her (max 15 secs).
  2. While recording, just tell us what she’s doing by completing this phrase: “My mom kaodim’s…”.
  3. Upload your video on Instagram/Facebook with the hashtag #mumskaodimeverything and set your profile to public.

Is Mum video-shy? No problem! Photo entries are also welcome, as long as it is accompanied with the hashtag #mumskaodimeverything, and a short caption of what your mum is doing, and why it’s so special. However, note that photo entries are only eligible for the Second Prize and Third Prize.

Submit your entries from 1 May to 9 May 2016.

Here are some examples of moments you can capture:

If mum is cleaning the house, say “My mum kaodim’s the cleaning in our home.”.

If mum is rushing to work, say “My mum kaodim’s a hard day at work.”.

If mum is feeding your baby brother, say “My mum kaodim’s my little brother’s breakfast!”.

If mum is going out for a walk, say “My mum kaodim’s her health by going for a walk.”

Watch this video for some samples

These are just examples of the many important things your mum might be doing everyday. Be as creative as you can be!

Don’t forget to include the hashtag #mumskaodimeverything in all your videos and photos caption in order to enter this contest!

Questions? Check out this FAQ.

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