Friends or Pros? Who You Should Call When Moving

When you’re relocating, you need an extra pair of hands to get everything packed and moving. Who better to turn to than your dear friends? Malaysia’s spirit of gotong-royong would surely mean you’ll have a few who’re ready and glad to help.

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On the other hand, you’ve heard cautionary tales about getting friends to help. There’s also plenty of moving companies and relocation services you’d be happy to try. With these options to consider, who do you think is better at helping you move? Friends or professionals?


The answer isn’t a straight yes or no for either, because who you engage will depend on:


1. Your Relocation Distance


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Are you moving across town, or a few states away? Friends are a great help for shorter distances, but hiring professional movers is a better bet for farther relocations. Moving long distances is tedious and complicated, taking up a lot of energy, time, and resources to complete. You’d be hard-pressed to find friends who’re willing to block out a whole day – or sometimes even more than two! – to help you move your stuff. Professional movers, on the other hand, can cover any range of distance, and are generally prepared for longer ones.


To determine who’ll be the best help, figure out if your relocation distance can be reasonably covered with the help of a few extra hands, or it’s something much farther and would need expert help.


2. Your Timeline

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Do you have a leisurely relocation schedule, or are you pressed for time? If you’re looking at a more relaxed pace, get a friend or two who can help carry your things and socialise, but engage professionals if you’re in a rush. Time pressure causes stress, and inexperienced movers are often unable to gauge the amount of time moving can actually take. Mistakes, missed deadlines, and misery may result. Professional moving services will have a structured process that ensures your relocation is completed on a timely schedule.


Also keep in mind the time commitment required for your move; your friends will have other responsibilities to attend to and cannot devote a lot of time if your move is going to take a few days.


Consider your relocation timeline when choosing to get friends to help, or engage a professional mover.


3. Your Stuff

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What will you be moving? Heavy, finicky furniture, fragile items, valuable heirlooms, or just a lot of stuff in general? Or just your standard desk and chairs and dining hall furniture? Friends can handle the latter, but for the former, you’d best leave it to the professionals. Movers will have the proper equipment, protocols, and experience to handle large items or fragile things that would be a challenge for a regular bunch of friends. Some services also provide mover’s insurance for better protection.


Think about the amount of things you have and the complexity of moving them to determine if it’s better to rustle up your friends or engage professional movers.


4.Your Energy

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Do you have a lot of time and energy to put in effort for the move, or are your more inclined to be disorganised and need some peace of mind? Getting friends to help might be more fun, but you’ll have to dedicate time and effort to manage, coordinate, and supervise the move. You’re also expected to participate in carrying and moving the things! Besides, you’ll have to find dependable friends you can trust to handle your items properly to ensure the relocation goes smoothly. Moving services will often take care of the relocation logistics for you.


Understandably, you might not be too comfortable letting strangers into your home or handle personal items. If you’re able to trust professional movers to do their job, then usually they’re the better option if you do not want to take too much energy planning and executing the move.


5. Your Budget

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How much are you willing or able to pay for a relocation? Moving services can be steep, so friends are a better bet if you’re short on funds. Friends will be more than happy to help you move for the mere price of refreshments or dinner afterwards. However, farther, more complex moves might be more expensive if you do it yourself, as you’ll have to fork out for relocation vehicle rentals, fuel, tolls, and proper materials and equipment for packing and shipping. These costs are often included in a moving services’ quote.


You should calculate the cost of either and think about what you’re willing to pay.


Before you begin the moving process, put some thought into the logistics. After all, it can be as simple as packing up and transporting everything in a car, or complicated packaging and multiple trips across state lines. If you need expert help for your upcoming relocation, the various professional movers on Kaodim are ready to help.