How to move safely during a pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has brought sets of challenges to people around the world and there is a need for us to adapt to the new normal and carry on with our lives. Some people might have the necessity to move into a new environment amidst the pandemic. Ultimately, moving on your own might be a preference for some to reduce any risk of virus transmission. However, moving on your own is a daunting process and hiring moving professionals to provide assistance might potentially be a better choice to help speed up the moving process. Hence, it is important to weigh the risk and benefits of doing it yourself or hiring professionals in order to have a smooth move. Don’t be afraid if you need to hire third-party personnel. There are many precautions we can take for us to move safely in a new normal way. Here we present you a few tips on how to protect yourselves and your loved ones. 


Wear a mask

When on the move, be sure that everyone involved is always wearing a mask. Even when you’re moving on your own, you might stop by at the petrol station or shops for a break. Wearing a mask does not only protect you from potential virus transmission, it can also protect you from dust particles throughout the move. Nonetheless, moving in this tropical weather, it is inevitable to sweat during the move. When it gets too hot and sweaty, it is important to change a new mask to ensure that your face mask works efficiently. 


Maintain hand hygiene

Washing hands with soap or using a hand sanitiser can highly reduce the transmission of virus as our hands are constantly in contact with surfaces. When moving with movers, prepare hand soaps or hand sanitisers at both point A and point B to ensure that everyone involved can easily maintain their hand hygiene. 


Disinfect, disinfect and disinfect!

Prepare a disinfectant spray to sanitise regularly throughout the move. Spray on the disinfectant before loading your items onto the lorry and spray them once again at the destination. Additionally, disinfecting commonly touched surfaces such as door knobs is also crucial to reduce the risk of contracting any viruses through surfaces. 

Moving to a new place is certainly an exciting journey. Need help to move? Book our moving services and choose the lorry size according to your needs. Our professional movers will help you while adhering to strict SOPs. All vendors are required to maintain hand hygiene, monitor body temperature, wear a mask and maintain a physical distance of at least 1 meter throughout their sessions. Do your part by doing the same to protect yourselves, your loved ones and the service providers.