Should I move into a new place alone or with a roommate?

Moving into a new place where almost everything is unfamiliar is surely a scary yet exciting experience. You need to learn to familiarise yourself with the new surroundings, adapt to a new routine plus meet new people.

Well, is it better to live alone or with a roommate? This is a subjective matter that highly depends on each person’s personality and preference. Here we list out a few differences between living alone versus living with a roommate as a reference if you’re currently juggling between these two living conditions. 


Reasons to have roommates/ housemates

Here are a few plus factors. Here are a few plus factors to living with roommates or housemates. 

  1. Money-saving

utility bills

Sharing a space with other people helps you save money in several ways. Firstly, you get to have a bigger space at a more affordable price as you are sharing expenses such as rent and utility bills with your housemates. Furthermore, you can also save on the grocery expenses when living with a housemate as cooking multiple portions saves more money than cooking for one. 


  1. Companionship

Starting a new journey in a new place will definitely have its ups and down such as getting your dream  job offer or being late to an important occasion due to unfamiliarity of the transport system. When living with housemates, you get to have an outlet to open up about your day or get distractions to stop your worries. In contrast, if you live alone, it’s harder to stop thinking and worrying about your problems. Even if you are not close with your housemates, it might be a relief to know that someone else is around to help you feel less lonely. 


  1. Having help 


When living with a housemate, you can work together and split the chores to maintain the condition of the space. You would not need to run errands such as cleaning the space, make grocery runs, cook all meals, sort the trash all alone as you get to lighten the burden with someone else.


Reasons to live alone

Living with someone else might not be a thing for you? You can consider living alone if you value these factors. 


  1. Privacy and personal space

Perhaps you prefer coming home to relax in your own quiet space or enjoy alone time. Living alone allows you to have full privacy and personal space. You get to enjoy the whole space instead of sharing common spaces and facilities with someone else. Moreover, living alone grants you no interruption or distractions to do whatever you love in your little space. 


  1. Complete freedom

Living alone gives you complete control over your place. For instance, you can have guests coming over without worrying about the possible disturbance towards your housemates. You are able to live without worrying about people owing rent or causing a mess in the house. You get to also have full control over how to furnish, decorate or manage your place. However, doing so means having to manage all household chores alone instead of splitting them with someone. To reduce this burden, you may outsource for house cleaning services to reduce your workload. 


Needless to say, embarking on a journey into a new place is certainly a thrilling move. Whether you’ve chosen to live alone or move in with a housemate, we hope you are making the best decision for yourselves as having the right living situation can highly impact your quality of life, especially in a foreign environment as it is one variable that can be controlled by you yourself. If you’re in search of help to seamlessly relocate into a new place, you may seek our professional and trusted movers who will handle your furniture and belongings with utmost care.