The Most Refreshing Dining Room Designs To Try

With Raya looming it’s time to fire up the kawahs and whip up batches of kuah, ketupat, and rendang. A good spread is only made better by the perfect ambience, and these 7 dining room designs will give you all the inspiration you need for your next refreshing dining experience:


1. The Space-saver

The Space-saver
Image Credit: Decoration Channel



Don’t feel limited if you’re short on space. This wall-mounted table is perfect for small dining rooms or studio layouts, giving you a cosy and convenient place to dine while saving on room. A good option for those on the go but still want a comfortable dining area for quick breakfasts and relaxing dinners.


2. The Minimalist Island

The Minimalist Island
Image Credit: Alexandru Buftea


Roomy and practical, this minimalist kitchen island serves also as a built-in dining table. The layout uses the most out of your existing space and furniture while giving you enough room to seat six or seven at a go. Plus, the design neatly divides your kitchen and living room for that functional yet simple minimalist feel for smaller spaces.


3. The Cosy Nook


The Cosy Nook
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Sitting on the sofa-like booths in restaurants is always a treat, so why not create your very own at-home dining experience with this cute layout?  The bench option also allows you to squeeze in extra guests when they come over, and the space doubles as a nice place to read near your breakfast coffee on those lazy weekend mornings.


4. The Opulent Experience

The Opulent Experience
Image Credit: Soosxer


On the more opulent end of the dining experience, go all out with this grand dining setup that inspires excellence and prosperity. Throw on a tablecloth and lazy susan, and use sturdy high-backed chairs for that luxurious feel; light fixtures, intricate embellishments, and gold panels add to the ambiance that you can expect from a fancy restaurant. This layout is perfectly adaptable for bigger spaces or even smaller apartments.


5. The Classy Casual

The Classy Casual
Image Credit: Home Hudson


You don’t need to forgo style even if you’d rather stick to a more conventional home dining area. Strategic lighting and a good use of your furniture can give you a casual yet classy dining room, even if you only have flatpack furniture! Opt for matching colours – for your dining set, wall colours, lighting, furnishings, and even little additions like photo frames and wall panels – to give the space a more neat and stylish feel.


6. The Urban Rainforest

The Urban Rainforest
Image Credit: Dining Room Lighting


A good eye for patterns and smart use of simple furniture can also create a modern, fancy, themed dining experience like this rainforest nook. Create a whole different feel for your dining area with wallpaper (whether it’s a tropical jungle, a cityscape, or a snowy mountain) and flooring (tiles or themed carpeting), and get lighting and furniture that fits your theme. The simple yellow cabinet, wooden table and chairs, and dangly chandelier – for example – adds to the jungle feel for this urban rainforest.


7. The Workaholic Table

The Workaholic Table
Image Credit: Andrealauerdesign

For those workaholics who never get out of their office, this look will make you feel right at home. The unique design is sure to amuse and put you in the proper mindset for a productive day. Besides, sleek business tables and ergonomic conference chairs are always neat, modern, and aesthetically pleasing – quite comfortable if you can get past that awkward feeling that you’re munching on fried chicken at your workplace.

To be fair, you’re already eating lunch at your desk…

If you’re keen on creating your very own refreshing dining room but not sure where to start, get expert help from these professional interior designers right here on Kaodim!