Monthly Meet and Greet Sessions with our Service Providers

kaodim meet

For the past 2 months, members of Kaodim’s Exclusive & Elite Vendor club gathered at the Penthouse (Kaodim HQ) to learn a little bit more about Kaodim’s history and to learn how to get more hires on Kaodim.

We had a great turnout with over 30 of some of our best cleaning companies, handyman, movers, cleaners, and renovation contractors. We listened to their views on how Kaodim can improve and how we can work together to strengthen our partnership.

During the gathering on the 8th of July 2015, Jeffri Cheong, Kaodim’s co-founder and Managing Director explained how Kaodim has grown from giving out just 5 requests a day to 400 a day in 7 months. He joked about how he has the worst Cantonese in the world. Notwithstanding his limitations, Kaodim’s operations team is well versed in Cantonese, Mandarin, Bahasa, Tamil to cater to everyone’s language preferences. Kaodim is Malaysian and for Malaysia.

kaodim meet team
Adrienna Mak, Kaodim’s Operations Director showed everyone how to build a superb Kaodim profile, how to respond to customer reviews effectively, how to quote for customer jobs and to manage the hundreds of jobs Kaodim gives them every day.

The vendors also got to meet their account managers and gave them a resounding applause when they were introduced to them. After all, the account managers spend countless hours every day helping them with all things related to Kaodim.

All the elite vendors had high praise for Kaodim’s excellent work done so far and the team’s dedication towards growing their business.

Quoting frequently, being responsive to customers, getting great reviews and ratings from customers will grant you eligibility to join this exclusive Kaodim Elite Vendor club and be labeled a “Kaodim Champion”.

Having a Kaodim Champion badge on your profile will increase your reputation on Kaodim and get you more hires.

Before everyone left, they got their Kaodim Champions packs with Kaodim t-shirts, car stickers, notebooks and lots of other great Kaodim stuff to share with their team and customers.

A fantastic, extremely productive gathering for everyone. Keep quoting, get more hires, get more reviews and be eligible to join Kaodim’s Exclusive Elite Vendor Club. Hope to see you at our next meeting!

kaodim meet 2