Mogan’s Home Improvement Business Thrives With Kaodim

“Personally, I’ve seen an average growth of 30-40% over the past six months since I joined Kaodim.” — Mogan Subramaniam, Vetri Business Solution
mogan subramaniam-vetri business solution

Mogan Subramaniam has been in the home improvement line for many years. His father and uncle had headed their own business when he was growing up, so after his studies, it was no surprise that Mogan went straight into the industry himself and jumpstarted his own business, Vetri Business Solution, specialising in electrical wiring, air cond servicing and installations, and a wide range of other home improvement services. Ever since he joined Kaodim as a service provider, his phone has been constantly buzzing off the hook with job requests and his company has experienced a growth of 30-40% in revenue through Kaodim.

Watch his video below!


KAODIM: How has Kaodim helped your business?

Kaodim is a very good platform for vendors like us to get a customer’s request daily. It’s helped us to grow our customers’ database, as well as our business. For myself, personally I’ve seen an average growth of 30-40% over the past six months since I joined Kaodim. We are able to meet more customers and we managed to meet not only those from the consumer side, but corporate as well.

What do you think the Malaysian community should know about their air conds?

As consumers and customers, please make sure you select the best air cond with the right horse power. Don’t go for the biggest model just to have all the functions, because sometimes that’s not necessarily the best one for you.

Everyone needs to look into their air cond maintenance regularly. Set a schedule. If you use your air cond very frequently, you should schedule a maintenance checkup every six months. If you don’t use it a lot, once in eight months is fine too.

In your opinion, what do you think sets Vetri Business Solution apart from the other companies out there?

As the owner of a company, I constantly ensure that I’m able to provide my customers with sufficient details and information that they need. Professionalism and integrity of our work are really important. We always make sure we’re punctual at the customer’s place, and we don’t make any promises that we can’t keep. We do our best to make the customer happy. Whatever we’ve agreed to and promised our customers, we deliver it to them on time.

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written and photographed by Carissa Gan