Modern Bathroom Ideas For A Sophisticated Home

Bathroom designs are often overlooked by countless of Malaysians as just another room in the house. But when you really think about it, you spend quite a lot of time in there – probably more than you do in the kitchen – so it’s time to reconsider fancying up your bathroom. If you’re going to renovate your bathroom, opt for a modern one because the clean lines and monochromatic colours work well regardless of the size. So here are a few things you could do to make your bathroom look effortlessly modern.

Install A Raised Or Pedestal Sink

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This efficient choice is great because it not only makes a huge style statement, it also doubles as a space saver. It just exudes class and elegance. You can choose to use brass finishings to tie everything together.

Combine Different Materials

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You do not need to settle with one type of material in your bathroom. Add a good mix of stone, wood, ceramic and marble. In the picture above, the designer made great use of white wall tiles, the wooden divider and sleek black floor tiles. We don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t mind camping in there for hours.

Freestanding Bathtubs Are Cool

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Who doesn’t love to get into the bath after a long day? This freestanding bathtub will be an excellent addition to your bathroom, because it adds elements of comfort and style. The elegance it exudes will transform any room into a modern haven.

Geometric Bathroom Ideas Are Pretty 

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Deciding to have a modern bathroom opens up so many avenues for you in the design department. This lovely loft did an amazing job in incorporating this lovely geometrical pattern to the bathroom.

Focus On The Bathroom Floor

modern bathroom
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Some people might overlook the importance of the floor when designing the bathroom. If you want a cool, modern bathroom, you might want to change up the tiles. Wood lends a zen aura, and marble to increases the elegance of the room.

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written by Tashya Viknesh