What are the mode differences on your AC remote?

Too much of something can do more harm than good, in this case, it’s the buttons on your AC remote. There are so many functions and modes that sometimes we don’t actually know the difference, no worries because in this blog we will go through the different modes on your AC remote.


1. Cooling


This is the most used button especially because of the hot weather that we are accustomed to are cool and heat. These two buttons are made to signal and adjust the AC to cool your room to the desired temperature you set on the remote and, then, maintains that temperature.

Most AC units have a maximum lowest temperature of 16°C and the highest of 30°C which means your AC can only maintain the temperature of your room in that range.


2. Dry mode


This function is normally used on rainy days as the moisture level is very high on rainy days. This mode keeps the room’s atmosphere cool and dry by removing excess moisture in the room and making the air dry.

The fan will run at a low speed and the cooling will be on for short intervals. If you are not feeling cool air coming out from your aircond, that might be caused by dust build-up.

Dust build-up in the filter can restrict airflow and circulate dust and germs around the room. To prevent this from happening, you should get your AC cleaned on a regular basis by our professionals to enjoy great benefits and good air circulation. 


3. Fan speed 



This mode is a lifesaver, it is usually used to ventilate the room quickly. However, when this mode is active no cooling or heating happens.
Some might think that maxing out the fans on your AC remote will help make your room cool faster. That theory is not exactly wrong but what it actually does is it circulates cool air around the room more effectively. 


4. Auto mode



If you are still unsure what are the best settings in certain situations, just press the auto button on the remote. This button will automatically switch between different modes to arrive at the most efficient one. 

The AC unit’s technology is smart enough to detect and adapt to the environment and work as efficiently as possible. If you are not feeling any difference after your AC has been working for a while, it’s probably time to get it checked.

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