Minimalist Designs Don’t Have To Be Bland Or Boring

Think minimalism and you’d picture very efficient and drab offices. However, minimalist designs actually make the best use of space, lighting and function with little way of fiddly decorations to give you a comfortable, useful and even exciting designs to work, play or relax in.

So all’s not grey and square in the world of minimalism, and these spaces show that a minimalist design doesn’t have to be bland or boring:

The Great Outdoors

MÙnch Courtyard
Photo credit: Mu Hotel

Complement the natural green shades of nature with simple plastic chairs, tables in a single, striking colour. Lighter colours like whites and beiges give the area a more spacious feel, while complementary colours – like orange to green bring an unexpected pop of excitement for a simple yet attractive design.

The Smaller Outdoors

Standard Room Courtyard
Photo credit: MU Hotel

Don’t have a lot of space? That doesn’t mean you can’t get creative! Try out a simple minimalist design that makes use of the natural lighting.

These trendy rattan-inspired chairs cast a decorative silhouette to add a little more adornment, while a simple window lets you peek at the naturally beautiful blue sky and billowing clouds. No need for fancy wallpaper and fussy sofas for a trendy look!

Baby It’s Cool Inside

Deluxe Suite Living Space
Photo credit: MU Hotel

By decorating with colours, you get a modern-looking living room while covering your basics such as sofas, table, and good lighting (and maybe even a TV!) and still have a lot of space to spare.

Complementary colours will make it eye-catching, while minimalist, geometric furniture gives you the function and comfort you need without unnecessary clutter. Plus, they’ll be easy to clean!

Hassle-Free And Cosy!

Deluxe Suite Queen Bed
Photo credit: MU Hotel

With the same idea in mind, you can achieve a hassle-free yet cosy bedroom. A simple bed and single-colour adornments help create a relaxing-but-exciting environment that can function as a working and sleeping space.

Good use of colours helps your creativity, as the minimalist decorations provide fewer distractions during the day when you’re busy working, and the night when you need to unwind and go to sleep.

Even Bathrooms Can Be Trendy

Deluxe Suite Bathroom
Photo credit: MU Hotel

Your bathroom doesn’t have to look boring, as it doesn’t need gold toilets or expensive marble sinks to look its best. By using fixtures with simple geometric shapes – an oval sink, oblong bathtub and square mirror – you get a useful, comfortable and spacious chamber for your daily grooming and cleaning.

Plus, they’re easier to clean and maintain than designs with fancy adornments, and you’ll not get bored of the functional and pleasing design!

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written by Louisa Lee