5 Wonderful Minimalist Designs in Malaysian Homes

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Minimalism is a genre of design which utilizes less elements and things, and emphasizes the need for more space, less clutter and less patterns. This began as an interior design trend in the mid 2000s and have now gained widespread popularity. The clean lines and earthy colours that make up the minimalist school of design are advocates for a bright and spacious home.

Here are some great examples of minimalism being used as a design theme for various parts of the home, directly from the talented designers here at Kaodim:

Earthy Tones and Wooden Cabinets For a Spacious Kitchen

minimalist modern kitchen design
Photo credit: Benelise Concepts

Plain dark wooden storage drawers and cupboards contrast and highlight white walls, while a beige textured flooring gives you a spacious looking kitchen where you have the freedom to move and create masterful culinary pieces. The airy design is accentuated by splashes of fresh flowers, which also give a much-appreciated touch of green to the space. The organic feel of this kitchen will allow you to cook in an eco-friendly environment, with no hints of artificial elements.

Horizontal Lines That Calm and Relax

minimalist living room in malaysia
Photo credit: Origin Interior

Walk into a living room like this as at once, you’ll feel all your tension and stress melt away. Earthy wood textures are matched with darker shades as highlights and several white elements. Both the sofa and the furry rug serve as comforting aspects that will encourage anyone to just rest, and the lack of metallic parts contributes to a general aura of safety and security. Horizontal lines in both the wooden textured background behind the television and the faux white brick wall help lend stability to the space.

Reflective Surfaces Makes This Small Kitchen Look Larger

minimalistic kitchen
Photo credit: Origin Interior

This small kitchen space has been transformed into an acceptably spacious work area by the bright colours and serene textures. The shiny quartz counter tops and cabinets increase light reflection, creating the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. The see-through storage cabinets are a great way to display your best kitchenware, and also helps the light diffuse, decreasing the need for a large source of artificial light. The spacious window is really important as it reduces the feeling of claustrophobia and gives us a glimpse of the outside world.

Elegant Striking Black Cabinets

black and white kitchen
Photo credit: Origin Interior

The black floor tiles, counter tops and tiled back wall that contrast with lighter tones on the other walls makes this kitchen look stylish and elegant. Metallic highlights on the cabinets and drawers add some cool factors into the design, balancing out the contrast between the light and dark tones.

Something Different with Hexagonal Tiles

clean and minimalistic bathroom design
Photo credit: Origin Interior

In an unusual move, this design uses hexagonal tiles on the floor and sink platform. The glass pane beside the futuristic toilet divides the space and creates a pseudo private space. The clear white tiles give the contrast this whole design needs with the darker six-sided tiles.

Glass Bottle Lamps As Focal Points

wooden minimalist chic dining area
Photo credit: JL Studio

Nature makes a strong presence in this minimalist design, and the most obvious sign of this is a planter’s box that highlights the dining counter. The counter itself is decked out with light-hued wood textures, that also appear in the chairs and cabinet finishing. Light bulbs made to resemble bell jars will function to disperse the light, and add a hipster touch to the dining experience in this kitchen.

Lovely Large Windows

modern minimalist dining area
Photo credit: JL Studio

The focal point of this dining room is of course the wood-finished table, and its chairs which have a light but stable design. The wood flooring complements the furniture, and the floor to ceiling windows let in plenty of natural light during the day, which really brings out the natural beauty of all the wooden finishings.

If you see any designs that inspire you, you can contact any one of the talented interior design teams and home renovation services to help you achieve the living space of your dreams.

written by Michelle Chee