Messy people can never find socks that actually match. Ironically they’re probably geniuses

Are you someone that doesn’t understand the logic in making a bed? Or does it makes sense to you to have clothes lying around the bedroom because it’s just more accessible than to fold and store them?  Perhaps you’re proud of your repeated consumption of expired food simply because you can’t be bothered to clean out your fridge.

There’s this constant pressure on everyone to keep their bathroom sparkling, clothes neatly folded and a floor so smooth that you slip and fall in your own home.

The big question is whether it is really better to be neat, disciplined and orderly instead of living wild, free and uninhibited in wonderful clutter?

Studies have shown that “disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights.”  The rationale is if you prefer to lay your clean clothes on the floor instead of neatly packing it into a drawer where it belongs, you’re thinking outside the lines of “conventional” reasoning.

Albert Einstein famously said “if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?”  Mark Twain, Steve Jobs are other examples of extremely creative minds who had untidy desks.

So does this mean you should not hire a cleaner to clean your home?  No, unless you want to live your life immersed in creative brilliance but in complete isolation.

You see the problem is everyone else is “conventional”, so hardly anyone will understand the logic and beauty of your clutter or the half eaten pizza on your table, which you can politely visit and greet with a nibble throughout the day.  The same conventional people won’t be able to understand or believe in your creative brilliance (of course until you make money from that creativity).  Because making money is the “conventional” thing to do.

So what should you do?

Strike a balance. Carve out the creative space in your home where cleaners are not allowed to venture into.  There no paper should be stacked and nothing should be discarded.  But for the rest of home, make sure it’s spotless and perfect.

Unfortunately, in this world, sometimes it helps to pretend to be to be “conventional”.

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spider man (a.k.a Peter Parker) never matched his socks too, but wore it on his head instead
spider man (a.k.a Peter Parker) never matched his socks too, but wore them on his head instead