These Are Massive Moving Mistakes To Avoid

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Moving can be a rather stressful and strenuous process. It takes time and effort to relocate your entire life from one house to another, and just the mere art of packing everything into boxes can take several weeks or months.

But if you’re not careful, you could be spending way more time and money than necessary. So pay attention to these common mistakes below, and vow never to repeat them. 

1. You Failed To Declutter

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Over the years, you would have collected a wide variety of gifts, souvenirs and random purchases or decorative items that you thought would look great at home…  but let’s face it – when was the last time they added real value to your house? You probably even forgot you had them! 

We know it’s hard to toss everything out, but you need to start decluttering. 

Think of the move as a rejuvenation process for your soul. New house, new chapter. And if you’re going to start over on new ground, you don’t want to fill your new place with too many knick knacks that only collect dust. You can’t make room for more things if you’ve filled up every inch of space with the same old stuff. So do yourself a favour and start the purging process now. Dedicate an entire weekend to throwing things out, and the good news is that once you start, it gets a lot easier from there.

2. You Decide To Skimp on Moving Supplies

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Trying to budget your moving supplies by picking up used cardboard boxes around the supermarket or from friends? Now this is a bad idea. Those boxes can be weak, dirty and possibly contain last week’s meat delivery in them. You would not want your precious furniture stashed in there, right? So, go out and purchase new boxes that fit the exact needs of your furniture. Get loads of packing tape as well as bubble wrap. This will make the entire process easier and a whole lot safer. You can recycle the cardboard after you’re done with the move.

3. You Didn’t Pack A Family Survival Kit


Just because you successfully transferred all your items to your new place doesn’t mean you’ll have the whole house looking the way it should right away. It usually takes about a week or two to get the entire house in perfect place. So make sure you pack a family survival kit to ensure that the transition into the new house is easy for everyone. Pack essential things like flashlights, phone chargers, a tool box, medication and things of that sort for the comfort of your whole family.

4. You Trust People Too Easily

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If you think that hiring the cheapest movers will allow you to sit back and relax, you thought wrong. Some people might go through your stuff and steal some for themselves. So always make sure you have an inventory and check thoroughly when boxes leave your old house to go to your new one. Therefore it’s always best to hire a trusted moving company, and if you’re looking for professional movers, we’ve got the right guys for you.


5. You Think You Can Do Everything Yourself


So you think it’s easy to just hire and rental truck and move your entire family across state lines? Well, it’s not as easy as you think, because what’s the point of having professional movers if everyone can do it for themselves? There are too many things to consider when you’re initiating the entire moving process alone. Stress skyrockets, tempers flare, things get lost or broken and the whole transition into the new house is met with sourness.

So if you want to ensure a smooth and successful moving process, go to Kaodim Direct and hire professional, vetted movers who can help you make the process a whole lot easier. And once you’ve moved into your new place, you should read this guide for important things to do before you completely settle into your home sweet home. Happy packing!


written by Tashya Viknesh