Malaysia’s 2020 Home Makeover Trends

Fashion trends, beauty trends now even home makeover trends is something we need to constantly keep up with. With the New Year just around the corner, you might be wanting to spruce up your home to impress your guests this 2020, not sure how? We’ve got you covered, here are 3 trending 2020 makeover ideas to help you slay the new year.

1. Epoxy Textures

Source: Dallas Epoxy Pros


The epoxy texture used to be less colourful and dull, often applied on car park areas and shopping mall floors, but with time the epoxy texture has made its way into home interiors. Epoxy has evolved into more creative patterns and colours.

2. Minimalistic and practical

Source: Pinterest

For those of you that are afraid of experimenting with too many colours, the minimalistic style approach might be the trend for you this 2020. There has been a constant uptrend among homes to have a minimal and more practical design. Minimalism may seem a little plain to many but in fact, it can give your home a cleaner and luxurious feel if done right. 

The basic rule of minimalism is that less is more. Neutral colours and space-friendly furniture, such as cabinetry, wardrobe, and kitchen island, are the two things that you might want to look for. It is highly recommended to seek professional consultation to determine the best theme colour and furniture styles.

3. Wood paneling on walls

If you’re bored with paint and wallpapers, the next trend might be up your alley. Wooden paneling gives your home a beautiful warm tone and is more durable compared to paint and wallpaper which may peel and tear easily. Wooden panelling is waterproof and gives your home that 2020 rustic charm that you just might need. 

Good houses are those that look trendy. Take note of these trends to slay 2020 and hire a reliable renovation service only with Kaodim now.