How to make use of a sunny window?

Having a sunlit room can help reduce energy consumption and subsequently help cut down on your electricity bill. The natural lighting helps make any room look bigger and sets the mood of the room. Therefore, if you have a sunny window, it is beneficial to take full advantage of it. Here are some of the few ways to make use of your sunny window.

Display some greenery 

Embrace your green fingers and turn your window into a miniature home garden. Place some plants on the windowsill or hang some succulents from the top of the window. Your plants will prosper under the natural light while the room will benefit from a pop of colour. 

 Enhance your mornings

Brighten up your mornings with a daily dose of sunlight. Sunlight is said to help release endorphins, a natural “feel good” chemical that boosts happiness. Set up a small table and chairs by your brightest window and soak up some vitamin D while you have your morning breakfast.

Brighten up your work space

As working from home has become a norm, having a proper working space is essential. Sunlight will help create a lively environment and boost productivity. So transform your sunniest window to your productive work space. Keep the space minimalist and organised for the optimum working environment.     

Create a cosy little nook

Relax and unwind under the natural healing powers of the sun. Cosy up on your comfiest chair under the natural light while partaking in your favourite pastime whether it be knitting or reading a book. Toss in a pillow and drape over a throw for your ultimate comfort.

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