Low Prices Don’t Always Win

Kaodim gave Cynthia introductions from several qualified and reliable contractors to fix her roof within a couple of hours but Cynthia didn’t hire the cheapest.

Cynthia and Adrian

Cynthia had a leaking roof in her house in Seputeh. She did not know who to call to get the problem fixed and trawling through directories would have been a time consuming process. Her son, Adrian told her about Kaodim.com and suggested using it to find someone skilled in plumbing services. On 29 October 2014, Cynthia answered a few simple questions about her problem and within hours she was introduced to 5 contractors who gave her quotations to fix the problem, and whether they charged to inspect the problem. She reviewed them all and went with Allan Gan of TKS Ideal Construction / Epic Construction Supplies. She called him up and made arrangements for him to inspect the problem. Allan went over on Thursday morning to inspect the problem and carry out any repair works he was able to do.

“From Kaodim’s introductions, I noticed contractors offered to fix the problem at a wide range of prices. We chose the contractor we were most comfortable with, although he was not the contractor who quoted the lowest price,” said Cynthia.

“There were a number of plumbing contractors who offered their services at lower prices but when I discussed the options and the various introductions made by each contractor with my husband and Adrian, we decided to go with Allan,” she added.

“Basically, Allan wasn’t just patching up a plumbing leak but carrying out a comprehensive roofing repair. Allan was genuinely interested in providing us with a long term solution and he would be carrying out more comprehensive work. He explained in detail the work he would do to provide us with a long term solution,” said Adrian.

When asked how Cynthia felt about Kaodim’s services, she said “It’s very hard to find contractors so Kaodim is a good avenue to go through.”

Adrian and Cynthia now don’t have to worry about their leak problem as they can leave it in Allan’s reliable hands. Kaodim gave Cynthia all the information she needed to decide on the contractor she felt the most comfortable engaging. There are multiple variables which influence ones decision to hire. Kaodim addresses this and makes hiring services easy, approachable and empowering. Kaodim has hundreds of professional contractors and plumbing experts who will respond to your home repair and renovation needs within hours of your request.