5 Best Ways To Lose Your Chinese New Year Calories

We barely had the time to stop eating during Chinese New Year. All those days of yee sang, pineapple tarts, and rich dishes have shown their effects through the weighing scale. You’ve probably noticed the tightening waistbands too. After all the festive celebrations, it’s time to lose those calories that you put on.

Getting back in shape is not difficult. Having said so, there’s no shortcut to losing unhealthy weight. Here are the things you should be doing if you’re serious about losing your Chinese New Year calories:

1. Eat smaller meals

Eating frequently helps to keep you full. This stops you from snacking on unhealthy tidbits a few hours after breakfast or lunch. Besides that, eating heavier meals that are rich in carbs such as pasta and fried rice may burden your digestive system, resulting in lower energy levels for the body to carry out other activities. Eating frequently in smaller portions allows us to control what we eat too.

Smaller food portion with lower calories
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2. Eat more vegetables

Vegetables are natural fibres, which help lower cholesterol levels. Having a high fibre diet will prolong the feeling of fullness, so you won’t feel like snacking when you shouldn’t be. Vegetables with high fibre include beans, potatoes, peas, and broccoli. These also aid digestion, which is especially great for those who suffer from frequent constipation.

mixed vegetables dish
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3. Remember to exercise


You need to sweat those calories away. Jog around your housing area, swim a few laps, or hit the gym. Exercising helps burn calories, makes you stronger, and will even make you feel better. People usually sleep better if they exercise regularly, which allows them to wake up feeling refreshed and as a result, they are able to focus more on their daily tasks.

4. Cut down on alcoholic drinks

No more yam sengs now that Chinese New Year is over. After days of feasting and drinking, it’s time to go easy on alcoholic drinks. Alcohol contains high amount of calories, which is probably where all your extra weight came from. Drink more water and keep yourself hydrated.

Woman Drinking Glass of Water
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5. Plan your meals and exercise sessions

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Losing weight isn’t just a matter of eating healthily on selected days and ‘replacing’ the sinful meals with gym sessions. You need a healthy diet and regular exercise to help you lose weight. Plan your meals: eg. what to eat, how much to eat; and plan your gym sessions.

writing on a notebook
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Get started on your post-Chinese New Year workout now! Don’t forget to watch your diet and plan your gym sessions while you’re at it. If you need help with sourcing for healthy food or fitness training, Kaodim has a range of health and fitness services that you can browse and hire. Whether it’s swimming, yoga or zumba, just pick the service you need, fill up the form, and wait for us to send you the free quotations.

Or hire professional trainers to help you attain your fitness goals! Professional fitness trainers make a huge difference in the preparation, both physically and psychologically.


Remember, there’s no success without hard work and determination!

written by Esther Chung