How To Look Your Best This Raya

Selamat Hari Raya! Today is the first day of Raya and we know you are all thrilled to balik kampung and meet the family. After all the formalities have been exchanged and the delicious Raya food has been eaten,  it’s time for the obligatory photo sessions. Allow us to share some tips, from our make up artists and pro photographers that will help you stand out and look amazing in all the pictures.

Get in with 2016 Baju Raya Trends

Alia Bastamam's kedah kurung for Raya 2016 on Fashion ValetPhoto credit:

Based on our research, one of the best raya fashion trends to follow this year is pastel colours that ooze class and romance. The Alia Bastamam (Alia B) collection under FashionValet is a great place to start. As a fellow Malaysian designer, she understands the current styles and her collection for women channels femininity and style through flowing fabric and soft pastels such as coral, taupe and sky blue. The dress featured above is a Ruffle Kurung in light taupe.

jovian mandagie dress raya 2016 fashion
Photo credit:

Another trending collection this Raya would be Jovian Mandagie’s for Zalora, in which he succeeds in helping women to channel their inner Grace Kelly. Just like the Katie Dress featured above, the pieces are so regal and majestic, you would be turning heads.

Include The Whole Family

family photo raya Photo credit:

Having all your family members wear matching attires is great, not corny. This helps the photos because you will look like a cohesive unit. Your outfits don’t necessarily have to be colours that are too bright or overshadowing. Something simple and elegant would be enough.

Pick Proper Colours

women fashion hari raya 2016Photo credit:

As mentioned above, it is obvious that the colour scheme of your photographs are important. But there are some dos and don’ts that come with the power of choosing your own colour scheme. The first piece of advice would be to avoid clashing colours. For example, don’t pair a blue top with an orange skirt. Secondly, do not choose a colour that blends in with the feature wall during your photography session, or it’ll be hard to distinguish your outfit from the wall in photographs.

Handy Makeup Tips

Woman applying eyeshadow

Ladies, if you are taking professional photos, always make sure you prime your face and try high definition foundation. These were made to hide literally everything, from open pores to blotchy red spots. Always pair your blusher with a bronzer as well. This will add a slight contrast to your face and lend it some depth, which can make a huge difference in your appearance.  And if you are going for a bold lip, ease out on the eyes and opt for nude lipstick shades instead.  It’s the same vice versa. Avoid clashing colours on your face by keeping it classy and simple, and if you need extra help, contact Kaodim to hire a professional makeup artist to help you look your best!

Posing The Right Way

raya family photoshootPhoto credit:

Group photos are common during Raya, and naturally you would want to look your best. So, find your best facial angle and use that to your advantage. This part of the face should always highlights your best features. Don’t forget to maintain a good posture. Some people say that you should cross your legs to give the illusion of longer and more slender legs. In the end, the best accessory you have is your smile. So flash a wide grin and have fun!

Kaodim offers an array of services that would prove useful for your annual Raya photography session. It’s not too late to send in quotes for trained hair and makeup artistsas well as talented professional photographers to make this Raya the most memorable one yet! Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

written by Tashya Viknesh