Our Lokal Businesses Need You!

We are now on the road to recovery, and our country has started to open up more. Things are certainly looking up! However, our lokal heroes still need your support.

Watch this video to see how our service providers are holding up during the pandemic!

Things have been tough on them lately, but you can help to relieve their burden! Let’s continue to support our heroes!

The best way to do that is to book their services! The next time you experience a broken appliance or faulty AC, don’t try to fix it yourself and risk injury. Such repairs require expertise, and our service providers have them!

Simply head over to our homepage and click on the service you need and we’ll get you sorted as soon as possible!

Of course, if you don’t currently require any services, you could also share our services with your family and friends. Remember that you could invite your friends into the membership and gift your privileges as well!

Click here to learn more about our service providers!