How To Live Like A Localite In Kuala Lumpur

New to Kuala Lumpur and wondering why you’re getting ‘the looks’ from every side? Well, have you ever tried blending into your new surrounding? No? Worry not! We’ve came up with the best tips to get localised.

Understand The Races

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The first thing you need to acknowledge when coming to Malaysia is that you will be facing three ethnic groups: Malays, Chinese and Indians. The remaining Malaysians have to tick the ‘others’ box. Also please keep in mind that the words Malaysian (indicating one’s nationality) and Malay (indication of one’s race) are not interchangeable.

Prepare yourself to be confronted with “Guess” as the only reply when you ask Chinese-looking people where they are from.

“Boss! Uncle! Auntie!”

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Another helpful tip if you want to blend in with the rest of the Malaysians: start calling people boss, uncle or auntie. “”Boss” is mostly used to greet the people at the shop, e.g. mamak owners, waiters, salespersons, and so forth. Feel free to use “uncle” and “auntie” in regards to Chinese people who are older than you.

Explore The Food Scene In Kuala Lumpur

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Food is a big topic here in Malaysia. As you know, this country is a colourful mix of different ethnic groups all bringing their own dishes to the party – like a big pot luck! This results in a vast array of delicious meals to choose from. If you want to experience the life of a localite here, be adventurous with your taste palette. Try our bestselling cuisines like nasi lemak, chow kuey teow and asam laksa. Local foods at a mamak are a must-try too, such as the roti canai and tosai.

If you’re bored of Asian cuisine, you should definitely try one of the three restaurants in KLCC listed below:

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Head over to the InterContinental Kuala Lumpur for their various selection of western-oriented restaurants like Bentley’s Pub with its traditional English-styled watering hole or the all-day dining restaurant Serena Brasserie with its truly international menu.

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Is dining on the 57th floor your thing? Marini’s On 57 has got you covered with their contemporary fine Italian dining experience.

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Or are you a fan of beautifully marbled steaks that makes your mouth water? Then it’s time to head over to Marble 8 for their finest selection of dry- and wet-aged beef cuts.

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Guest Author: Pui Yee is a writer at Consider Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Kuala Lumpur.