How to Live Like Blair Waldorf

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It’s been years since Gossip Girl ended and we no longer have source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. But despite it being almost half a decade, I think I can still confidently say that regardless if you’re more Serena, Vanessa or Jenny; Blair Waldorf is still relevant in 2017.

Blair is the embodiment of grace and class, which why we should all have a little Blair Waldorf in our system. If grace isn’t something you have prepared in your card deck, it’s okay. Blair is more than just poise and good posture, she’s on that who-run-the-world-girls! programme too.

To really dig into your whole Blair Waldorf persona, you need to start from the core. No, I’m not talking about some spiritual nonsense – I’m talking about your bedroom. The bedroom is a very important place where people relax after a long day or during their free time. This is where you regain and/or bask in the type of energy you set for yourself before you head out into this big metaphorically cold world.

Bed sheets

We need to remember that Blair is all about keeping calm and composed. She is never seen wasting breath babbling endlessly about matters that disinterest people. Embody this character through your bedroom. Someone who’s that composed can’t possibly have sheets with cartoon characters on it and an unmade bed on top of that.

Think luxuriant but demure with a hint of romanticism. We all know that Blair spends her summers with her father in France and this very strongly reflects in her bedroom interior and home furniture. Opt for creamy vanillas and baby blues to strive for that old European feel.


Blair Waldorf is know for many things but for the most she’s known to stand out. Upon entering the Waldorf room the first home furniture that will most likely catch your eye is the headboard that rests just above her perfectly made bed that exudes grandeur.

Go for a large curvy headboard, and preferably something black to set in a nice contrast with the cool, pastel-toned colour scheme of the room. This shows more than anything, the den of a young socialite with exceptional taste.


Go with heavy vanilla, off-white, cream-coloured curtains. Important accents like tying your curtains with tasselled cords are vital in achieving more elegance throughout every little detail. Blair, after all, is known for being a good schemer which means always having a meticulous eye for detail.


Always have your emotions in check. Blair Waldorf rarely lets anyone see that she is scared, nervous or unsure of herself about any matter. Of course, setting the right light for how you want people to view you is crucial.

When choosing out your home furniture, go with fixtures that envision an aristocratic feel. Think Paris in the spring, old cheese paired with good wine, and hills. I know that some of us might not be able to afford a chandelier but there’s always cheaper grand lighting choices that should be able to give off the same effect.

Also get yourself some candles. Blair is an extremely romantic person and her room is perfect for hanging out with Serena. Or make it a romantic boudoir for when Chuck comes over. Go for candlesticks and candle holders in careful continuation of the theme, as opposed to tealights.

Coat rack

Do your best in everything. Give it 100% even if it’s planning a sleepover, getting dressed in the morning, preparing for a date or an assignment that is due. To quote Blair, “Destiny is for losers. You have to make things happen.”

With that in mind, it is unheard of that Blair Waldorf’s room is messy and anything in short of perfect. Get yourself a coat rack that’s neutral coloured to hang your clothes, jackets, or bags rather than left scattered on your bed, floor or other home furniture. Having a coat rack not only depicts you as being well put together generally, but it brings a sort of expensive maturity to the room.

Wall Calendar

Blair’s social calendar is always full to the brim. Whether she’s at school, with friends, Chuck, her mom, Paris or scheming. This young Upper East Sider is known for her wealthy family and connections but she is also known for being deviously smart.

Get yourself a great wall calendar and hang it up to make sure you keep track of the days and plans that you’ve made. Blair is excellent at managing her time. So get in there and buy yourself a beautiful wall clock with intricate accents.There is nothing less tasteful than “I’m so sorry it completely slipped my mind that we were supposed to meet today”. Showing up fashionably late though, is another thing.


Blair’s room is timeless and designed with a fairly simple and minimal concept. When choosing paintings for your wall keep it in mind to remain tasteful and have your paintings well placed to go in line with the rest of your home furniture. Though minimal, it is vital additions to your bedroom as it adds more dimension and character. Think more Audrey Hepburn and less Nicky Minaj.

Vanity Mirror

Blair Waldorf might be known for her smarts, wealth, and fiery personality but she is also known for always keeping her appearance on point. Get yourself a full-length mirror on a dark backdrop and a vanity mirror to make sure that your eyeliner is always even and your contouring is not too dark. Ready to be like Blair Waldorf? Visit ezbuy and browse more.

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