Learn 3 Effective Ways To Clear Weeds & Maintain Your Garden!

Ever came back home and noticed that your grass has suddenly grown an extra foot and your garden’s just covered with weeds that you’ve never seen before in your life? A beautiful garden and impressive landscape design is a dream for any house proud owner. However, it’s easy to forget when it’s time to give your green patch a good trimming and that’s when your Zen garden turns into an overgrown jungle!

Not to worry! We’ve got 3 simple ways to help you keep your garden in tip-top shape:

1. Use a Machine 

The best way to clear your garden as soon as possible is to get some mechanical assistance.

  • Use a nylon trimmer, brushwood or scythe to slash as much top-growth as possible and clear them away from the area
  • Next, cut the remaining growth as low as possible with a rotary-mower
  • When you’re done, dig out and remove all the vegetation that’s left behind
Source: qwitter-client.net

If you want to churn up the soil and chop up the weeds instead, the most effective machine for the job would be the ‘ROTAVATOR’ (it even sounds really cool!). The rotavator works by breaking up the matted vegetation, and then continues to rake up and remove them from the surface. Make sure that all the leftover pieces of roots and rhizomes from the perennial weeds have been removed, otherwise it will grow back in a blink of an eye.

(By the way, if you’re starting to feel that all of this is too much sweat, no problem – just call one of Kaodim’s landscaping contractor who’ll be able to clear your garden in a jiffy)

Source: diamondgardencare.co.uk

2. Using Chemicals 

Another method is to use chemicals that are specially made to clear unwanted weeds, especially the ones which are found in hard to reach spaces or are quite dense. Be very sure to read and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Start by spraying the unwanted growth with a ‘translocated’ weedkiller and leave it for some time to take effect
  • Instead of sitting on the surfaces of leaves and branches, the translocated weedkiller will be absorbed upwards into the plant
  • After the chemical has taken effect, you can start clearing the top-growth
  • Respray if necessary
Source: waitrosegarden.com

3. Clearing By Hand

If you have time and love to be outdoors in the garden anyway, clearing your garden by hand is one of the most effective ways since you’ll be manually picking out the unwanted culprits. Remember to put on some gardening gloves to avoid any injuries!

  • Start by digging, hacking and anything that you can do to pull out woody trees and shrubs
  • Do this by using a very sharp spade and dig around the plant to get a feel of its root structure so you can pull it out better
  • Grab a hatchet and sever the rest of the exposed roots
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If the growth is still too hard to pull out, try using a ‘Brush Grubber’ with the help of a small vehicle or lawn tractor to yank the unwanted plant out. Be sure to cut off the woodies that are left inches off the ground, as this will become a hazard to lawn mower blades and other people passing through.

You can use salt to kill the stump so the roots that are still in the ground won’t compete with the other plantings that you want to keep in your garden.

Source: eggeth.com

Really feel like to need some help now? Just contact one of our landscaping contractor on Kaodim who can come over to maintain your landscape design and clear your garden from unwanted intruders. You don’t have to worry about a thing – just be home when they arrive!