Do You Know What You’re Sleeping With At Night?



Did you know that you’re sleeping with a few things beside you every night? We’re not referring to your better halves or pets, nor are we talking about the soft toys or bolsters you surround yourself.

You can’t see them; you can, sometimes.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing supernatural. It’s just these guys:

Bed Bugs

bed-bugs-crawling-on-mattress_1952x1944Photo credit: Orkin

If you wake up daily with itches and reddish bumps on your body, these are the culprits. These tiny bloodsuckers don’t transmit any diseases, but they are a pain to have in your mattresses. Signs of bed bugs infestation include itchy skin, mottled shells around your bed, and an unpleasant, musty smell in your room.

Dust Mites

Photo credit: Mass Lung and Allergy PC

Do you sometimes get the sensation of a million ants crawling over your legs only to flip the blanket and find nothing there? Unlike bed bugs, dust mites can’t be seen with the naked eye because they’re 0.33mm-small. They feed on flakes of human skin which we shed daily. Though they don’t bite, the droppings they produce can cause allergic symptoms like asthma and eczema. Dust mites can be killed by exposure to sunlight, however, you will still experience allergic reactions from the droppings that are left on your mattresses.

Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteria

bacteriaPhoto credit: Centres For Disease Control and Prevention

This bacteria causes the most harm if found in your mattresses. They’re responsible for various skin diseases, which could lead to fever and in some cases, death. Some of this bacteria’s strain is antibiotic resistant as well, which means they cannot be killed by antibiotics. If you find painful red bumps on your body, or if you’ve been falling sick regularly, it’s time to get that mattress cleaned.

Mould Spores

mould spores
Photo credit: South China Morning Post

Mould spores are easy to spot – they’re the disgusting dark spots on your mattress. You really shouldn’t be using your mattress anymore if there are many mould spores on them. If allowed to fester, mould spores can cause allergic symptoms like asthma, eczema, watery eyes, and other respiratory illness to surface.

Stomach Bugs

Photo credit: iStock

The most common type of stomach bug to be found in dirty mattresses is the norovirus. This virus causes diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and aching limbs. It’s always best to do a deep cleaning on your mattresses and sheets if someone at home has had food poisoning or diarrhoea, as this virus can spread through contact with contaminated items.

Just because you don’t wake up with a rash or red spots doesn’t mean that your bed is free from bugs or mites! Research has proven that some people are able to tolerate the toxins released by bed bugs and dust mites, but that doesn’t deny the notion that there could be a million of those creepy things living right under the sheets. It’s always best to get your mattress cleaned. Now that you know more about your possible nocturnal partners, it’s time to call the professionals in. We’ve just launched Kaodim Direct, which allows you to book upholstery cleaners directly at fixed prices! Just submit a request and one of our top-rated vendors will contact you to schedule an appointment.

And if you’ve discovered a case of bed bugs in your home, don’t take them for granted. Call in the pest control experts right now before the bugs multiply and cause more damage to your household.

written by Esther Chung