How To Know If Window Tinting Is For You

You’re aiming for optimal aesthetics, lighting and ventilation when building your dream home. Besides going all out on plaster ceilings, elegant light fixtures, marble tiles, quality wallpaper and the trendiest curtains, did you know that you can get your very own home windows tinting services to personalise your windows?

Your home’s windows serve to let natural light and fresh air in. But it’s also a liability as conventional glass windows tend to be more fragile than concrete walls and does not protect you from the heat and harmful radiation from the Sun. Short of removing your windows for custom-made ones, you can easily install window tints instead. Basically, all you have to do is apply a thin laminate onto the interior and exterior of your home windows.

There are various types of tints for serving different purposes, including:

1. Security Window Tint

Security window tint
Image Credit: Layr

This type of tint protects your windows and reduces damage caused by weather, natural disasters, and other strong forces. The laminate is strong and durable, and serve to reinforce your window to resist shock as well as hold the glass together in the case of breakage. Security tinting is also more cost-effective compared to replacing your windows with safety glass.

You can opt for clear security-only tints, or options that also include other features such as UV and heat filtration.

This type of tint is perfect for individuals who are concerned about damage from strong weather, or who’d want extra security on top of their window grilles.

2. Privacy Window Tint

Privacy Window Tint
Image Credit: Tinting Chicago


This type of tint serves to reduce visibility into your home to protect your privacy and comfort. You can opt for reflective tints that acts like a one-way mirror, frosted tints that can be decorative, or clearer ones that maintain your ability to see outside. However, certain types of reflective tints produce unsightly glare in the day and are not as effective at night, so you’ll have to choose one that fits your purpose. As with security tints, you can also choose options that provide heat and UV protection.

Privacy tints are great for windows near areas with high foot traffic, to keep nosy neighbours from peering in. It’s also a good option to protect the privacy of your home office, bathrooms or spaces where you’d rather not be observed from the outside. To submit a request for window tinting, tap on the button below. 

3. UV Protection Window Tint

UV Window Tint
Image Credit: Shine Solar

One of the more popular options in sunny Malaysia, UV protection tints filters out harmful UV light. Along with protecting your health from the damaging rays, it also helps preserve the colour and integrity of home fittings and fixtures from degradation, keeping your home looking bright and new for longer. While there are many types of films available on the market, most are effective in filtering out 99% of UV light! Generally, UV protection films also come with the added features of heat filtration.

If your home windows tend to get a lot of sunlight, you might want to consider this tint to protect both your health and the interior of your home.

4. Temperature / Heat Regulation Window Tints

Heat Window Tint
Image Credit: Tinting Chicago

As its name suggests, these tints help control temperature by keeping the heat out. The film reduces the amount of infrared radiation into your home, keeping it cool. It’s a pretty cost-effective way to regulate your home’s temperature and comfort, reducing the need for air conditioning – and their exorbitant bills!

Temperature regulating tints often comes with UV filtration features as well, and is perfect for homes in warmer areas that receive a lot of sunlight.

Think any of these tints will help create your perfect home environment? You can easily find the tints in hardware stores install them on your own as a D.I.Y home project, although some films can be tricky; air bubbles or improper application can reduce the effectiveness of the tints! If you’ve got a lot of windows and rather have an expert help you out, you can simply consult one of many window tinting professionals available on Kaodim who’d recommend – and install! – the best option for you.

written by Louisa Lee