Stunning Tips on How to Choose The Right Staircase For Your Home

If you own a landed home, the staircase is definitely one of the focal points in the home that can lead and inspire the theme of the rest of the home. Staircases are very versatile in terms of the materials they can be made of, which is why you can make staircases out of wood, metal, concrete, stone and even glass.

The materials you choose for your stairs will need to be in harmony with the rest of the home’s interior design, as well as be fully functional and durable. Here are some tips to help you make a decision.

1) Wooden Staircases

Photo credit: Wonderful Engineering

Wooden staircases add an air of elegant stylishness to your home and are great for homes that already have built in wooden fixtures. Wooden stairs also increase the rustic appeal of a space and are one of the most pliable materials available for making staircases. This means that it can be easily twisted into extraordinary shapes for that extra unconventional touch.

2) Metal Steps

Photo credit: Sandrine Pelissier

Metallic stairs look very lightweight and are great for modern apartments where it goes well with other metallic and glass furnishings. Metal is prone to rusts, and should not be used in outdoor areas or areas that are high in moisture. If you keep them indoors, they tend to be very strong and firm.

3) Stone Staircases

Photo credit: Ian Knapper

Stone stairs are usually made of materials like marble and quartz, which look extremely royal and majestic. Stone is one of the most durable materials available and will withstand heavy usage, which is why it’s popular with hotels. Stone staircases can last hundreds of years, and is very easy to clean, being resistant to stains and spills.

4) Glass Staircases

Photo credit: Homedit

Glass is a popular material for avant-garde interior designs, as they give a lightweight aura where you can feel like you’re walking on air. Glass is suitable for areas where space is a constraint too. Although there may be concerns about the fragility of glass, there are many types of glass nowadays that are strong and safe enough for your home.

5) Concrete Staircases

Photo credit: Tododesign

Concrete stairs are the most affordable type of stairs and were once considered aesthetically unappealing, but that’s fast changing as many modern home designs incorporate strategically placed concrete steps to create a stylish look. It’s particularly popular with minimalist interior designers who want to go for a theme of stark purity.

6) Brick Steps

Photo credit: Glubdubs

Bricks are usually used outdoors, for steps leading up to the front door, or in the garden. Some ultra-modern homes do have brick stairs, but they’re not popular indoors as they’re pretty rough and heavy. However, brick looks great in the garden and will enhance your patio or garden design immensely.

Staircases are works of art and not just functional pieces. The design of your stairs sets the tone for your most important living areas, and should therefore be chosen carefully. You can always give your stairs a makeover, or build a completely new one with the help of professional renovators here at Kaodim.

written by Michelle Chee