The world’s longest snake found in Malaysia: can pest control experts remove one if you find it in your house?

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Malaysia has been well-known for many things; its iconic Petronas Twin Tower, mouth-watering Nasi Lemak, and a melting pot of various cultures. But, recently, we’ve just added a pretty big deal to our list; A quarter-tonne python snake was found nestling on a building site in Malaysia and it could be the “world’s longest” ever captured!


Finding snakes in your backyard is not a common sight – but still, if you are living in rural areas where there are lots of trees, weeds and wastelands, there’s a chance.

Pests and insects are more common problems often found in Malaysian gardens. Most pests are hidden from sight, but they can cause catastrophic damage if proper treatment and preventive measures were not applied. You definitely won’t like them to nest around your home, right?

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But, if you found a snake in your backyard, would that be considered a “pest” which a pest control expert can help you remove?

The answer is no. Unfortunately, a majority pest control experts in Malaysia do not provide snake removal. If (hopefully never!) you encounter this, you will have to call the fire department or more commonly known as Bomba to remove reptiles and wildlife.

If you find a giant snake like above and you don’t want him as a friend, you can reach Bomba at 603-8892-7800

However, the types of pests which pest control experts can help you remove are as follows:

1. Common pests: ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, beetles, flies, moths, and rats

Pests are commonly associated as parasites. They bite, damage property, and make the owner’s lives more difficult. The first step is to identify the pest correctly, then learn about its lifestyle and habit. Finally, you can evaluate strategies to control it.


Out of countless insects and pests, termites are the most dangerous type as it is capable of ruining and destroying a house’s foundation single-handedly in just a few short years. Therefore, it’s necessary to take the proper steps to protect your home, and to get ride of them immediately if they have already nested in your property.


Get Kaodim pest control specialists to help you settle any pests problems. Here’s a list of thing they’ll do.

1. They will come to your house to assess & inspect the issues

During the first visit, a pest control specialist will carry out a thorough inspection of your property. Usually, he will provide a report which outlines your problems and recommend a plan to fix them.


2. Once they find out the root, they’ll get the job done

A pest control specialist shall use the best tools and scientific solutions available to get to the root of the cause, as well as minimising the possibility of potential occurrence.

3. Talk to your specialists, find out the preventive measures and tips

Our pest control specialists are well-equipped with the knowledge. Ask them questions to get informative advices. They’ll be ready to educate and tell you more.

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By Cindy Junovica