Kaodim Transforms Adam’s Cleaning Services Business in 3 Months

Adam spent 7 years as a marketing consultant, advising on estate planning, investments and Takaful insurance. It seemed like the natural thing for him to do after he graduated from University Malaya with an Engineering Degree.   Eager to capitalise on the growing demand for cleaning services, he went out on his own to set up Adam Ikhlas Maid Services in 2009. Adam leads management, marketing and business development for Adam Ikhlas Maid Services and has grown the company from 500 yearly customers in 2009 to around 9000 today in most parts of Selangor.

“We solve customer problems, and I build personal relationships with all my customers. Many of them deal directly with me” says Adam whose flexibility, easy going demeanour has helped him build a rapport with all his customers. “I like meeting people and this business isn’t always about money to me. I enjoy golf and travelling quite abit.”


Adam has has gained more than 50 new clients which will likely stay with him for his lifetime since he started using Kaodim about 3 months ago. Due to the high volume of requests for his services he receives every day, he has a team dedicated to responding to requests from Kaodim.

He understands how Kaodim monitors every job to ensure that the clients are satisfied so every Kaodim customer gets extra care and attention. “It’s worked out so well for me. I get 15 to 20 new clients every month. This is really great and it’s been so easy. Kaodim is amazing” says Adam.

Rick Tee engaged Adam to clean his home has said that Adam’s company is “professional at their work and very knowledgeable. I’ll likely engage him again in the future for any cleaning job.”

Adam continues to diligently serve hundreds of customers on Kaodim and looks forward to making new friends with the hundreds of new potential clients Kaodim sends him every day.