Kaodim Transforms Aaron Low’s Home Improvement Business

“Through Kaodim, I’ve managed to get a lot of customers. Since I joined Kaodim, my business has definitely grown everyday. I get a lot of job requests daily.” Aaron Low, home improvement and maintenance contractor


Aaron Low founded Cool Ace Renovation in 2001, which specialises in home renovation and maintenance services. His job scope encompasses a wide range of projects, from aircond installation, painting, glasswork and many more. Before joining Kaodim, Aaron had to rely on getting ads out through the internet to market his services, but that method failed to generate the results he’d hoped for.

When he joined our platform as a service provider, he experienced a significant increase in job requests. And the best part was that he didn’t need to worry about promoting his services to a broad range of clients anymore  Kaodim did all that for him. Watch his inspiring testimonial video below!
KAODIM: Hi Aaron, what do you think makes your company stand out among the other home renovation and maintenance companies in Malaysia?

I supply my customers with great service. I always tell them that my price isn’t the lowest, but it’s definitely not the highest as well. But with this price, I can give all my customers a satisfying response and service.

KAODIM: What are some of the major challenges you face in this line of work?

We always face this specific problem in this industry, where it’s difficult to find customers. I have tried running ads on the internet before, but the feedback wasn’t great.


KAODIM: How did you overcome that challenge?

Coincidentally, I came across Kaodim.com. Through Kaodim, I’ve managed to get a lot of customers. Since I joined Kaodim, my business has definitely grown everyday. I get a lot of job requests daily. I just need to log into my Kaodim dashboard to see all of these job requests. Ever since I joined, my business has grown by at least 30%. Kaodim’s response is faster compared to the other platforms, such as Facebook. Kaodim’s job requests come in much faster.

KAODIM: We’re so glad to hear that! When did you start using Kaodim?

I have just joined Kaodim for 4 months and I received lots of requests every month.

It’s always a privilege to meet service providers whose businesses have been transformed through our platform. Thanks to inspiring vendors like Aaron, we are motivated to continue our mission in serving the Malaysian community and helping more local companies grow in size and revenue.

Contact us through our in-app chat system (download the Kaodim Pro app if you haven’t) if you have any questions regarding acquiring more jobs or joining us as a service provider! We’d love to hear from you. For a full list of services that we offer, visit www.kaodim.com.

written and photographed by Carissa Gan