Joe Pancha’s tips on how to unclog your toilet like a pro

At one point in your life you’re going to face a clogged toilet.  There’s some technique to fixing it, so when you have a clog, don’t freak out, grabbing any plunger so you can jab away like a madman into the toilet bowl.

Joe Pancha of MV Electrical Services has many years of experience with plumbing services in Malaysia.  He’s a plumbing contractor who has has served customers all over Klang Valley and also through Kaodim.  Joe would love to head over to your house to help you out when your toilet gets clogged, but he would also like to save you some time by teaching you how to fix the problem yourself.

Here’s how pros unclog a toilet.  Joe shares his expert techniques with you.

STEP 1 : Stop the toilet bowl from filling up

“Open up the lid and close the flapper.  The flapper releases water from the tank and into the bowl”.   Joe tells us that the flapper valve is the blue cap/shield thing in the image below


toiletbowl diagram

STEP 2: Get the right plunger

“People always use the wrong plunger” says Joe.  We found out that the right plunger to use is a flange plunger.  Regular sink plungers don’t work as well.  Here’s the difference:


STEP 3: Warm up the plunger

“Hard plungers don’t work as well either.  Warm up the rubber by putting it under hot water” says Joe.  Apparently, this will soften up the rubber which will help you get a better seal on the toilet.

STEP 4: Plunge!

Stick the plunger into the bowl.  “Make sure you and get a strong seal around the hole.  Then push down and pull up” he says.  He adds that you shouldn’t just focus your strength on the push down.  The pull up is equally as important.  Give a few solid strokes then flush the toilet



If it clears you’ve saved the RM100 you would’ve payed Joe to do the exact same thing for you.

If it doesn’t clear, you can try another technique.  Here’s another pro tip from Joe:

Hot water + Detergent

“Mix a few cups of very hot water with dish washing detergent then pour the mixture into the clogged toilet and let it sit there for 20 minutes”

Joe says the heat from the hot water can sometimes break out the clog, and all that “stuff” in the toilet bowl.   After 20 minutes, plunge again!

Joe whips out his snake

If these two techniques don’t work, Joe will usually whip up his pro plumbing tool called the auger.  Sometimes people call this the “snake tool”.   You can’t have Joe’s snake but you can head over to any hardware store and get one for yourself.  It’s a cable like device that you snake into the toilet.   This is how it looks like:


 STEP 1: Insert the cable into the toilet hole and crank it.

Crank the auger until the cable stops.  This means the cable has hit a clog.  “The cable will either break up the clog or hook into it” says Joe.  Since you can’t look into outlet (you probably don’t want to anyway) you have to rely on your other senses.

STEP 2: Pull out the auger and discard the waste. 

STEP 3: Plunge!

STEP 4: Give a few more good plunges to clear any excess blockages.  Then flush!

Now you know how to unclog your toilet like a pro.

If you still need a plumbing contractor like Joe, or any plumber service in Malaysia, put in a request on Kaodim and interested plumbers in Malaysia will respond to you.  You can compare their profiles and prices then decide who you would like to call.