Items You Need To Clean More Often Than You Think!

Cleaning around the house can be such a daunting task due to the sheer amount of items and areas that need to be covered. Different household items depending on the amount of usage and function collect more dirt and bacteria. Not sure what these items are? Here are the 3 items you need to clean more often than you think. 


1. Trash can



Majority of people will just take out the trash from the trash can and leave the trash can as it is. You may be unaware but there are tons of germs and bacteria that are growing in your trashcan you might not know about. The stronger the odour produced means more bacteria growth!

It is recommended to clean your trash can at least once a month using soap, disinfectant and a brush. All you have to do is squirt some soap and disinfectant in and around the trash can, add some water and use the brush to scrub. Remember to wear some protective gear either a mask or glove to prevent coming in contact with any nasty germs.

If your trash can looks to be in no shape for cleaning, it’s best to get it replaced. 


2. Laundry baskets 



Having a laundry basket is a nice household item to have around the house, it somehow makes a dirty pile of clothes look organised and neat. However, your dirty laundry translates to a dirty laundry basket. Dead skin cells, sweat and other bacteria will latch on to the surface of your laundry basket and will continue to do so.

Giving the laundry basket a wipe-down using antibacterial wipe every now and then will just do the job but if you’re looking for a good wash, applying soap and warm water will give it a more thorough clean. It is recommended to wipe down the laundry basket every week and have it deep cleaned every month to prevent bacteria growth.


3. Bath mats



Bath mats are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mould growth because it is constantly damp. Not washing it often means you can be transporting and spreading them across your home just by stepping on the mats and walking around.

Having them washed every 3-5 days is an ideal practice to ensure no bacteria or mould can grow on your mats. To wash the mats, simply place them in the washing machine and wash them on the cold settings with a gentle detergent. Don’t mix your clothes with the bath mats together in a wash as it could ruin your clothes.


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