Items In Your Home Triggering Your Children’s Allergies

Is your child struggling with allergies lately? If so, it’s time for you to investigate what’s causing it. Studies claim that dirty items around your home may trigger allergic reactions. Here are the three items that you need to clean to get rid of your child’s allergies. 


  1. Dirty upholstery and carpet

While you might think your mattress is always protected by your sheets, it’s actually not enough to protect your mattress from dirty agents. These dirty agents include dust mites, fungal spores or mold, bacteria, and other types of allergens that may trigger skin rash, respiratory problems and more complications. To add, sofas and carpets can contain up to 95,000 bacteria. It’s best to change your child’s bed sheets regularly and deep clean your upholstery for a healthier home environment.

2. Moldy aircond

People often assume that an aircond only functions to maintain a cool air temperature. However, note that airconds help keep a clean and fresh air circulation, which means the aircond itself should be cleaned to prevent dirty air flow, bacteria and virus spread. It is a necessity to clean your aircond once every 3 to 4 months to prevent respiratory allergies. A basic aircond cleaning is highly recommended. 

3. Bed bugs and mites


Pests might be one of the reasons why skin allergies occur. To note, this may happen due to unhygienic piles of dust and dead skin cells that pests usually feed on. Here are a few tips, wash your sheets regularly, invest in dust-mite proof pillows and mattress or hire a professional mattress cleaning expert regularly to ensure your child is not sleeping with thousands of germs, mites and dust.

Your child’s health is crucial hence why they need a clean and healthy home environment. If you need help with your cleaning, just book with us. From house cleaning, aircond cleaning, mattress cleaning, and more!