Is food delivery the only thing you need to your doorstep? A clean and comfortable home too! #stayhome

Due to the recent Movement Control Order Malaysia, everyone is required to stay indoors and only leave the house for important matters only. But fret not! Here are some service providers (we’re not just talking about food) which can cater to your needs while still keeping you safe during this partial lockdown period.

Food Delivery

Grabfood isn’t a stranger to many of us, and the good thing is that they are still operating during this partial lockdown period. They are supportive in preventing the spread of Covid-19, where they encourage both delivery-partner and customer to do social distancing by going cashless with GrabPay as well as doing contactless deliveries between one another. They are also providing masks for their delivery-partners to prevent any unwanted diseases to be transmitted. Customers need not be worried as their orders are being carefully sealed by the merchants before they hand it over for delivery. 

Skip the queue and get it online

Working from home does not mean you can’t shop for your groceries. With Tesco online, you can shop from the comfort of your home. The delivery team are required to wear a face mask throughout the day and sanitize their hands between each delivery. Any empty delivery boxes are to be disinfected post delivery and will be thoroughly cleaned upon returning to the store. Should there be a delivery to houses where there are people in quarantine, the items will be placed in plastic bags to ensure that no contact is made. For payments made upon delivery, the delivery team will sanitize their hand and payment device before and after payment is collected. Shopping for groceries has never been easier and safer during this partial lockdown period.

Get those shoes that you’ve been eyeing for so long

During this partial lockdown, you’re itching to buy something online but scared of the idea that numerous hands have been in contact with your parcel. Fear no more! Poslaju is taking these safety precautions when handling all parcels that’s heading your way. The delivery team are required to wear face masks and sanitize their hands when delivering your parcels. Signatures by the customers are temporarily not required when they receive their items but instead will be asked to state their Identification Card number verbally to minimize contact with the delivery team. 

Stay safe and stay clean 

Now that everyone is staying at home, frequent cleaning is also required! Too lazy or occupied with work to clean? Hire Kaodim’s trusted professionals instead! You heard it right, we are still operating as usual during this partial lockdown to help you with your home cleaning and repairs. Our vendors are required to sanitize their hands before and after a service. They are encouraged to wear a mask when necessary to avoid any transmission of viruses. They are required to stand a distance of at least 1 metre from the customers. Keep your home clean during this partial lockdown with us. 

Get it fixed even during an emergency

Unexpected repairs are the worst, especially during this partial lockdown period. But not to worry because we’ve got you covered! Our trusted experts are ready to help you in this dire situation. From plumbing to pest control services, we’re ready to serve. Our vendors are required to take frequent body temperature checks before a service to ensure that they can give you the best service possible while keeping you safe.