Introducing Millennial Pink! Do You Know What It Is?

Pink isn’t something new at all, but in this new millennium, pink seems to have become a phenomenon that’s permeating much of popular design and art, including interior design. So when the term Millennial Pink pops up, it isn’t a new shade of pink that no one’s heard of before, but rather a colour spectrum that has endeared itself to designers in this day and age.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your home looking chic and updated, then Millennial Pink may just be the answer for you. Here’s how to best make it work in your home:

Subtle on White

Photo credit: Home Polish

Millennial Pink is always incorporated into interior design in a subtle way, without being overbearing or overwhelming. Instead, shades of pink, both dark and light are put in as highlights to a neutral background. In this living room, shades of pink can be seen in the ethereal curtains, a throw and a cushion cover.

Pink in Paintings

Photo credit: Bright Bazaar

Rather than having pink furnishings or upholstery, you can always incorporate Millennial Pink into your home by having pink paintings and artworks hung on your walls. Space them out among other neutral coloured paintings so that you achieve a more balanced look.

Pink Kitchen Appliances

Photo credit: HGTV

After the 1980s, kitchen appliances began to be sold mostly in metallic grey or white, with very few pastel coloured ones available. This is slowly changing and you’ll spot pink kitchen appliances now and then. The difference now is that the pink appliances tend to be less loud and more refined in colour and design. A Millennial Pink kitchen is also one that balances out the pastels with neutral colours like white.

The Blushing Wall

Photo credit: Popsugar

Millennial Pink walls are quite easy to pull off, as long as you choose the correct shade of pink. Here, a mild pastel pink has been chosen, and it has been balanced out by several bits of dark coloured decorative items and furniture, as well as a wooden floor.

An Eclectic Mix

Photo credit: HGTV

The great thing about Millennial Pink is how it goes well with many other colours, even in the mixture of two or more other colours. Here the pale mint green wall and the bold geometric rug is paired with pink armchairs for a very eclectic design that is both energizing and refreshing.

Sweet Sleep

Photo credit: Brit+Co

Millennial Pink is suitable for bedrooms as it promotes rest and relaxation. Pale pinks are best for the bedroom and they can be paired with whites and browns for a welcoming and homely atmosphere. Pinks can be incorporated through bedspreads, blankets, sheets and pillowcases. Just be sure not to overdo the pinks and balance them out with whites. It also helps to have several shades of pink in your bedroom so that it doesn’t look boring.

Millennial Pink is vastly different from the warm pink of the sixties and the electric pink of the eighties. Here, having pink in your home requires a measure of balance and self control, where pinks are used as highlights to brighten a room and make it more cheerful. If you’d like to start incorporating Millennial Pink into your home, why not start with the walls? Our team of professional painters are here to get the job done in a jiffy.

written by Michelle Chee