7 Important Things You Need To Do Before Driving Back For Raya

You’ve packed your bags and the delicious Raya cookies you’ve made into the car. The kids are excited as well and can’t wait for the journey to start. You’ve walked around the house a few times and checked your packing list a few times as well to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

All set to go now! Or are you?

Crime rates have been reported to be very high during the Raya season. So before you balik kampung to see your loved ones, it’s best to take some careful precautions. Read on to see if you’ve done prepping your home for your absence:

1. Halt all daily delivery services

newspaper delivery
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When you’re away, especially for an extended period of time, it’s best to hold your delivery services. Uncollected newspapers and letters tell the bad guys that no one’s at home. Ask a trusted neighbour to help you collect your letters too so your mailbox doesn’t seem full everyday.

2. Shut off the valve

water valve
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To prevent leakages that can cause severe damage, shut off the main water supply to your house. Leakages can happen when you’re away or when you’re home. The problem is that if it happens when you’re away, cabinets and other furniture can get damaged if it’s a major plumbing leak. Even the tiniest leak can cause severe damage if ignored for too long.

3. Get automatic light timers

house lights switched on
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Automatic timers will switch your lights on or off according to the set timing (lights off during daytime, lights on at night) to create the illusion that the house is occupied. A house known to be empty is a magnet for thieves and robbers.

4. Install Burglar Alarms and CCTVs

cctv-camera-everest tech

Installing burglar alarms and security cameras would tighten the overall security of your home. If you’re a renter, you can consider a wireless system that you can DIY yourself so you can easily move it from one location to another when you move. Read this to understand how to choose a functional CCTV and alarm system.

5. Remove the keys

outdoor spare key
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Remove them all, especially the spare key you leave hidden outside the house. Bring them along with you to avoid chances of being burglarised.

6. Unplug the appliances

unplug appliances
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To save money, unplug all appliances when you’re away. Your plugged electrical appliances are still drawing power even though they’re switched off.

7. Lock Everything

key lock
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Last but not least, lock everything. The doors, the windows, and bedrooms if necessary for extra precaution. Bring the spare keys along with you when you drive back to your hometowns.

Don’t have an alarm system or need to update yours? Click here to get in touch with the professional security companies on Kaodim. Let them know what you need, and sit back while we send you some free quotations. Remember – it’s always good to be extra safe these days. 

written by Esther Chung