How Zumba Dancing Actually Helps You Lose Belly Fat Quickly

The best fat-burning workouts incorporate cardio and strength training, but after an hour or so on the treadmill you’re unlikely to be motivated to hit the weights. Besides, reps and running get a little boring after a while, and pretty soon you’re wondering if you have the willpower to keep at your workouts and achieve your weight loss goals.

No worries! If the regular gym stuff isn’t for you, there are various other exercises that can be both fun and sustainable for your fitness goals. Want something that’ll bring on the sweat and tone your abs all at once? Why not try out Zumba, the fun and belly-fat busting exercise?

1. Full-Body Workout – But Fun!

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Zumba was created in the 1990s by Colombian choreographer Alberto Perez as a fun fitness programme that puts aerobics and resistance training to energetic Latin rhythms. When you do a Zumba workout, you’re essentially doing all your regular fat-burning exercises while dancing along to your favourite and fast-paced Latin music.

2. Short Sessions – Great Gains

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Zumba uses an interval training approach that incorporates high to low intensity workouts for the best and most sustainable results. Not only are you getting the sweat on with cardio from all the dancing, you’ll also be doing squats and push-ups without noticing it. The sessions also generally run for an one hour each, so that’s a 60-minute workout that you’ll barely notice!

In addition to quick and intense moves that bring on the sweat, Zumba exercises engages your whole body and can improve your flexibility, strength and dexterity as well. Most gyms offer zumba classes, and it’s always extra fun when you get a friend along to join a Zumba fitness dance class in the gym!

3. Learn Sweet Dance Moves

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Zumba takes moves from the ever-impressive Latin dance styles of samba, salsa, soca, merengue and mambo, along with contemporary hip-hop rhythms; so in addition to toning exercises, each Zumba lesson teaches you great and energetic dance moves that are sure to impress at any party – no more standing awkwardly at the side when the music hits!

4. Excitement For Everyone

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Even if you think you have two left feet and don’t want to embarrass yourself, Zumba really is for everyone. There are many different programmes specifically tailored to every skill level and age.

For example, there’s Zumba for Kids, Aqua-Zumba for those who love swim-based exercises, and even Zumba Gold for seniors. There are even 20-minute Zumba instruction videos for people on the go! Zumba lessons are also available almost everywhere – you could go to a dance studio specialising in this style, or join a Zumba fitness dance class in your nearest gym.

Each Zumba programme is taught by certified Zumba instructors, so you know you’re getting the best professional guidance and instruction for each class you take.

5. And Fun With Friends!

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With an estimated 1.5 million people participating in Zumba classes across 200 countries, you’ll never be alone when you take up Zumba. It’s also often easier to sustain exercise routines and goals with friends, so Zumba is a very popular group-based workout that you’d sure want to keep. Along with smaller weekly classes, you can also participate in the massive and festive Zumba dance parties that’s welcoming to all. No need to train for it like you would a marathon, or even a 5K run!

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