How to Remove Tape & Blu Tack From Walls Effectively

removing tape from wall
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Sticking posters and pictures on walls using sticky tape or Blu Tack might seem the quickest solution at first. But, the trouble comes when you have to remove them to redesign your room or change the posters. They’ve done the job; they’ve stuck on the walls. Now how do you remove them completely? Here are some tips to remove tape and Blu Tack without destroying your wall paint or wallpaper.

Roll it

The simplest way to remove the sticky tape or Blu Tack is to roll it slowly from the edges. Don’t try pulling them off the wall quickly as it might leave residue behind, creating more work. Instead, start at the top and roll it slowly downward into a cylinder-like shape. Rolling it will prevent the adhesive from pulling off the paint or wallpaper. By doing this, you won’t have to resort to patching up your wallpaper.

Blot it

If there is residue left after rolling it, try blotting instead. Use the piece of Blu Tack or sticky tape that you have removed and knead it until it becomes pliable. Then, use that piece to blot up the residue from the wall. Usually, the residues will be easier to remove when it sticks onto the bigger piece rather than you trying to remove it with your own hands.

Use a citrus–based stain remover

citrus-based stain remover
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After rolling and blotting, the oil from the adhesive might leave a stain on your wall. To remove this, one trick is to use a citrus-based stain remover to tackle it. We strongly recommend wearing a pair of rubber gloves in the process to protect your hands. Use a sponge to apply the stain remover onto the stain. Then, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the stain effectively as different manufacturers might have different ways. Finally, rinse off the stain remover from the wall with a clean wet sponge and wipe the wall with a clean rag until it is dry. A citrus-based remover is a better option for use at home instead of flammable substances that are hazardous.

Try Trisodium Phosphate

trisodium phosphate

Alternatively, you can use trisodium phosphate to remove the stain. Trisodium phosphate is an inorganic compound found in most cleaning agents. To use it independently, dilute five tablespoons of trisodium phosphate in one gallon of water. Use a sponge, dip into the solution and rub on the stain. Let sit for a while as recommended by the manufacturer. If using indoors, you would want to open a window for ventilation before using trisodium phosphate. Finally, rinse the stained area with clean water and dry it carefully with a clean rag.

Teach this trick to your parents or children or house maid. Even better, consider an alternative to hanging things on your wall instead of using tape or Blu Tack.

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