How To Reduce Your Cost When Hiring A Plumber

The plumbing in all our homes will break down sooner or later – pipes will start leaking, drains will get clogged and for the life of you, the toilet just won’t flush! Without the technical know-how, most of us can only wait for the plumber to sort out the mess and hand over the bill – that’s when it can really hurt our wallets.

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Did you know that with a little bit of homework, you can save some money the next time you need to have your plumbing fixed? Here are 5 tips to get the best value out of your plumber:

1. Do Not Hire Based On The Lowest Cost

It does sound paradoxical at first, but numbers can be deceiving.

Homeowners often decide to hire plumbing services that offer the lowest rate. That could be their first mistake. It is unreliable to compare rates charged by plumbers because multiple factors come into play, for example, travel time.

So get more details on your plumber’s quotation – what services is he charging you for specifically, is his travel cost included, etc.

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2. Get References

The second mistake is making a decision based on ‘superficial’ reputation. By this we mean, hiring over-promoted companies that could be offering bad plumbing services to customers.

Fancy advertising and cool websites don’t guarantee quality services. It’s important to get specific references. Select the best plumber for his consistent delivery of customer satisfaction.

Ask your neighbour and friends. You can also find out if there is a review section on the plumbing services company’s website, like the one that has for all its plumbing contractors.


3. Cut Down Your Plumbing Works

Minimise the damage, and you reduce the money you need to fork out for the problem.

Take drains for example, in many homes normally only one or two drains give problems. Find out what products can most effectively help you prevent clogged drains. Trapped hair and grease build-up is the most common cause for clogs.

Do some research for simple home solutions – pouring hot soapy water at regular intervals reduces troublesome build-ups and using a baking soda-vinegar combo down the drain is an easy DIY solution.


4. Supply Your Own Plumbing Fixtures

You save money when you buy your own plumbing fixtures instead of getting them from the plumber. Shop around for the best prices to get fixtures that you would usually need for your sinks, shower and toilets – while you’re at it, why not get those with water-saving features.

Be smart when you shop, consider what you are buying. Don’t just go for the best bargain as some cheap items may be missing inside parts and components, so shop with care.

Another thing that can go wrong is using unsuitable brands of fixtures for your plumbing. Checking with your plumber first can prevent these problems at the last minute during installation. Keep a list of brands and specifications of fixtures that your plumbing requires.

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5. Save The Plumber’s Time

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Help the plumber avoid making multiple trips – arrange to have him take care of all your plumbing problems at once. Be ready with a list of your plumbing problems and symptoms when he arrives.

Saving his time means saving your money!

Now you know what to do – get in touch with our list of plumbing services and receive up to 5 free quotes. All of our plumbers and handyman’s background have been verified before being listed on Kaodim.