How To Plan The Most Amazing Baby Shower

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Welcoming a new life into the world is an amazing experience and it should be celebrated with immense joy and love. In Chinese and Indian traditions, a baby shower is incredibly important. This is to show the mother-to-be that she is being celebrated and showered with gifts. Hence the term “baby shower.”

So if you want to throw the most awesome party ever for the parents-to-be, we have a step-by-step guide ready for you to follow.

Decide On A Date

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The baby shower should be held a couple of months before the baby is born and the shower is used as a somewhat distraction from the difficulty of being pregnant in the third trimester. Please consult the parents-to-be and send invitations out at least four weeks in advance so you can get RSVPs in time.

Choose A Party Theme

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A theme is always a lot of fun. You can go traditional and pick the colours of the gender, or even better, set a neutral scene when it comes to colours and do a gender reveal at the party.

Plan The Catering Menu

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Next, you need to determine the catering. Should you go for sliders and sandwiches, or something more cultural like beehoon goreng and nasi lemak? On top of the food, you should definitely add some custom cupcakes into the mix! Get talented caterers and bakers on Kaodim to plan your menu.

Find A Professional Photographer

This is a huge milestone for the excited parents-to-be and hiring a photographer is definitely a must to document these precious memories. Get on Kaodim for quotes from professional photographers.

Create Baby Shower Games

Games or activities are always the life of the party, so here are some fun ideas that will keep everyone entertained!

  • Time Capsule

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The guests will write down future predictions or well wishes for the baby, and the child gets to see this when he or she grows up. It’s a pretty awesome concept.

  • Guess the Baby Food

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This is a huge YouTube challenge that can be incorporated in your baby shower too. Buy a variety of baby foods, blindfold the contestants and have them guess the baby foods.

  • Guess the Gender

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This is a great game if the gender of the baby hasn’t been revealed yet. So have a board with the tally and see who guesses it right at the end of the party.

Babies are such a blessing, and a baby shower is a celebration to amplify the notion of bringing a new life into the world. If you think planning the entire event on your own might be too hard, then get an event planner to help you out. Kaodim also offers canopy rentals and a cleanup crew to help you tidy up after the party!

written by Tashya Viknesh