How to Keep Your Cleaning Tools Clean

Remember the time when you mopped the floor, expecting it to smell fresh and clean only to have the worst stink of mold wash over your senses? That’s what happens when you neglect to clean your cleaning tools –the very things that are supposed to help you maintain the hygiene of your home.

Because of the nature of their assigned responsibilities, cleaning tools have one of the dirtiest jobs in the house. When not cleaned regularly, they accumulate bacteria, dirt, debris and odour, making them counter-productive. And turning the cleaning service you intended whether by yourself or though a part time cleaner, to be a cleaning disservice. Hence, it’s important to maintain and sanitise your cleaning tools and supplies properly.

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Here are some tips on how to clean and care for your cleaning tools. You can do them yourself or teach your part time maid or part time cleaner so that these tools continue to work effectively for you.

Cleaning rags & towels

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The good news is that these are easy to clean. Firstly, thoroughly rinse off any excess cleaning agents or chemicals that you’ve used them with. Wash them in your washing machine with detergent and hot water. You can also add some bleach to sanitise the rags. Make sure they are dried completely after each wash. Microfibre cloths are incredibly versatile and easy to maintain. Do not add fabric softener to microfibre cloths or you will ruin them. For all other rags, replace them often. These simple tips can also be passed on easily to your part time cleaner, or anyone you employ to provide you with house or office cleaning services.


It is vital to keep dishwashing sponges clean consistently since they are used to wash our plates, forks and spoons that we eat with. They are also prone to mildew since the sponges are wet most of the time. There are two ways to clean your sponges:

  • Soak overnight in an antibacterial solution and hot water. You can also soak the sponges in white vinegar. Wring them out after and they will be refreshed and ready for use.
  • Wet the sponge completely and put it in the microwave. (Warning: Ensure the sponge is completely wet or else, the microwave will ignite the sponge.) Microwave on high for 1 minute. Be careful when removing it as it will be very hot. Another warning: Do not use this method if there are metallic parts in the sponge. It will cause a fire.

Don’t get sentimental with your sponges (Yes, you). Clean them at least once a week and replace when necessary. Keep them dry when not in use.


Wearing gloves or using an old comb, pick out any hair or debris caught in the bristles. Fill a pail or your basin with hot water and add either oxygen or chlorine bleach. Soak the brush. This will sterilise and deodorise your brush. Rinse it with warm water after. Leave your brush to air dry. We suggest rinsing your brush after every use and to clean them monthly. Alternatively, get your part time maid or house cleaner to buy you new ones every time they come – if you’re just that bad at keeping it clean.



Start by removing any debris or dirt trapped in the mop head. Fill a pail or tub with hot water. Add bleach to the water or you can just use detergent with a cup of baking soda for a boost. These two options will disinfect your mop. Rinse well with more hot water and air-dry after. Make sure that your mop is always stored in cool, dry area.



Again, the first step is to remove all hairballs, dirt, debris and dust buildup that are tangled in the broom. You can do this wearing gloves or with an old comb. After, wash the broom head mixing dishwashing liquid and hot water. If you want to sanitise your broom more effectively, you can use chlorine bleach. Then, dry them completely before use. To ensure your broom lasts longer, be sure that the head doesn’t touch the ground when in storage; hang them on a hook against a door or upside down.


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