How To Keep Your Child Busy During The School Holidays

It’s the season of school holidays across Malaysia.

If your kids are:
a) bumming at home in front of the TV/iPad/phone/computer
b) constantly hanging out with their friends at malls… on your money
c) wasting their mornings away by sleeping in until noon
d) complaining of boredom

… it’s time to help them re-evaluate how they’re spending their free time. Time is precious, and so are the holidays. There’ll be plenty of time to bum around and watch Stranger Things on Netflix – but school holidays should not be taken for granted. So help your children make the most out of their free time by encouraging them to pick up healthy, proactive activities that will actually benefit them in the long run.

Swim Like A Professional

baby boy swimming

If your children don’t know how to swim, get them started soon! Swimming is a low-impact sport that sculpts muscles and keeps your weight at a healthy level. It also increases stamina. While it can be really relaxing, swimming is way more than just a hobby – it’s a life-saving skill that has rescued many people from the throes of death. Get your children enrolled under a verified and certified swimming instructor who will patiently coach your kids through the strokes.

Brush Up On Academics

a woman writing on a notepad

If you think your child needs extra guidance in English, Mandarin, Malay or Math, we’ve got dedicated tutors on Kaodim. If your kid is struggling in that area, help him or her get ahead this holiday by improving on these essential skills. They’ll be able to excel under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

Bust Moves Like Bruce Lee


With the escalating crimes in Malaysia, the world is getting a little more crazy every day. Having some basic knowledge of the martial arts will automatically heighten your child’s senses and stamina, keeping him or her calm and alert at the same time. If you’re interested, we’ve got trained instructors on Kaodim!

 Learn A Foreign Language


Thanks to K-dramas like Descendents Of The Sun, Korean is a favoured language among many teenagers these days. It doesn’t hurt to learn an extra language. In fact, many companies are impressed by resumes containing a variety of languages. It broadens the applicant’s job scope and increases their chances of being hired. Apart from Korean, we also offer Japanese, French and Mandarin classes.

Keep your child busy and productive during the school break with any of these classes above. When 2017 rolls around, your son or daughter will be pumped up for the new year ahead. For more information, log on to Kaodim and browse our full range of services. When you’re ready to request a service, just submit a form through our site and we’ll send quotes from our trusted service providers for you to compare. It’s easy and completely free of charge!

written by Carissa Gan