How To Have Yourself a Retro Little Christmas Party This Year

If you’ve been observing popular culture, you’d notice that many of the things that are trending now are actually not new.

Crop tops? From the 90s.

Bell-bottom jeans? From the swinging 60s.

The running man dance move? From the 80s.

Going retro is the trend now. So for Christmas, we strongly suggest that you throw a retro-themed party for you and your friends! Here’s how you can turn back time on Christmas Day.

Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Vintage Goodies

vintage christmas decorationsPhoto credit: Diary Of A Quilter

No retro party is complete without some vintage decor. Jazz up your Christmas tree with grand-looking ornaments: balls with intricate patterns, golden cherubs, and a traditional Christmas star. You can also hang socks from the 80s around your house to enhance the effect.

Jazzy Christmas Songs From The Good Old Days

Create a Spotify playlist with Christmas songs by Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, and other singers from the 50s and 60s. It sets a really classy retro mood, as if you’re having a cocktail party in a colonial hotel!

Invite Your Friends The Retro Way

Not through a Facebook event, not through a WhatsApp broadcast, but by good old invitation cards! You can find many retro Christmas party invitation cards samples online. Pick a few that you like and send it out to your guests!

Photo credit:


If you need someone to design the cards or do the printing for you, Kaodim has a list of professionals in both areas to help you get started!

Serve Traditional Christmas Food

What is Christmas without a roasted turkey and a yule log cake? Hot chocolates are a must, as well as eggnog (we know this is not for everyone, so you can opt to leave it out).

roast turkeyPhoto credit: Cook and Kitchen

Kaodim’s list of caterers do cater Christmas-themed food too! You can request for the quotations here for free.

Get Photo Booth Props

You can easily create a photo booth area with a velvet curtain and some props. It doesn’t need to be sophisticated. Pin a curtain up as a backdrop and lay some vintage props around (think The Great Gatsby). You can find these props online and get them printed easily. Here are some we found:

photo booth propsPhoto credit: Paper Built Shop

Convinced that you need this but don’t have the time or tools to create a photo booth? You can check out Kaodim’s list of photo booth providers to find out how much it’ll cost to rent one.

Retro-fy Your Door Gifts

retro christmas wrapping paperPhoto credit:

It doesn’t matter what you want to give your guests, just make sure you package them in retro style. Retro packaging can be done by wrapping them up in Christmas wrapping papers from the 60s or 70s; or pack them in metallic paper bags to bring out that disco vibe! 

If you need assistance throwing a big-scale Christmas event, hire one of our event planners at reasonable rates to take the stress of your chest. Planning a retro Christmas party can be really fun, but not everyone enjoys the clean-up. You can get our professional cleaners to help you with the post-party part as you sit back, relax, and have a great Christmas weekend! Just submit a quote and we’ll link you to the right cleaning company at your preferred price.

written by Esther Chung