How To Hang Items On Wall Without Residue

The best way to beautify a simple room or space is by decorating the walls. Posters, photos and flowers, you name them. Room decorations have a way to reflect our current interests such as favourite movies, cartoons, singers, etc. Well, many would think that hanging something up on the wall means drilling in nails and leaving holes on the wall, which is a no-deal if you live in a rented space. There are definitely safer and easier options to attach your desired items onto your walls. 


Magic tape or washi tape

For paper decorative items such as posters, photos or polaroids, magic tapes or washi tapes are perfect to be used. These tapes would not create damage to your walls and your items. Magic tapes can provide you a clean finish and if you fancy a stylish twist, washi tapes can definitely be a staple.


Adhesive hooks

adhesive hooks

We can simply find adhesive hooks at every home improvement store. They can be used in every corner of the house to hang your clothes, kitchen tools or cleaning tools. Depending on their weight capacity, they are strong and can keep your artwork in place. 


Command strips 

Have a family photo or framed artwork to hang? Command strips are great to hold up heavy items such as a tapestry or photo frame. They can hold up strongly on any surfaces and be removed cleanly when not needed. 

There are many choices of items that can help you hang your items onto the wall without leaving any residue. Be sure to wipe off any dirt or dust on your preferred wall before attaching them onto the wall to ensure their efficiency to hold the items. If you are looking to drill and mount something onto the wall but do not have the right tools and skills, seek our professional wall mounting contractors to help you!