How To Get Rid of Cooking Smells In Your Kitchen



Malaysian cooking is often hot and heavy. We use spices, chillies, seasonings and oils to create mouthwatering flavours the delight our family and friends. Inevitably, the awesome smell wafts into the rest of your house and gradually becomes less pleasant after you’re done with the cooking and eating.

How do you get rid of the smell without compromising on your cooking? The last thing we want to do is discourage you from cooking up wholesome, delicious meals. Here are some simple ways to eliminate the smells in your kitchen after you’re done cooking.

Ventilate your kitchen

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The first step would be to make sure the air in the kitchen is well-ventilated. Open all the kitchen windows and doors to get the air circulated. If there’s a door that separates the kitchen to the rest of the house, shut it. We suggest using a portable fan near a door or window that opens to the outdoors. This will blow out the trapped air.

Also, turn on your ventilator. If you don’t have one, we highly recommend you consult an expert in kitchen appliances to get a high quality ventilator. It definitely makes a difference.

Clean consistently



Splatters and spills on the stove and countertop will start smelling soon, not to mention the stains they leave behind. Wipe it all up as soon as possible before it starts to dry. Stains are tougher to manage when the job can be done easily with just a damp cloth. Try not to let your dirty pots and pans sit as well. In our hot and humid weather, the smells develop very quickly.

We have a good number of articles on tips to clean your kitchen effectively on our Bengkel blog. Check them out today.

Take the rubbish out

In our climate, organic rubbish decomposes quickly. It’s just how things are. Before you know it, the stench is overpowering your senses! You do not want that smell mixing with your food. Take the rubbish out consistently at least at the end of the day. Also — this is the part that most people neglect to do — rinse out your rubbish bin outdoors and let it dry at least twice a week.

Boil a few cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon sticks are well known for its fragrant and pleasing scent and is commonly used in cooking as well as potpourri. Take at least two cinnamon sticks and put them in a pot of boiling water. The boiled cinnamon will work as a great perfume to cover up the strong scent from cooking. This can be used while cooking as well as after cooking.


Bake cookies

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Have you ever heard of the classic trick by real estate agents? By making an empty home seem more inviting, they like to bake a fresh pan of cookies and let the smell take over the space. Besides, cookies are a delicious treat after a tiring day in the kitchen, and that’s a smell you wouldn’t mind wafting through the house. It also disappears quickly after compared to greasy cooking smells.


Toast coffee beans

This is a little known trick! You can also use coffee beans to absorb odour in the kitchen after cooking. Toast them up on the stove to create an alluring and delicious scent.


If you need help getting your kitchen regularly cleaned, why not hire a full-time maid? If not, find a part-time maid to do a thorough job once or twice every week. Find them on today!