How To Energise Your Living Room

The living room is a place in the house where you do most of your relaxing, socialising and entertaining. It’s usually the first room people walk into the minute they enter your home.

The basic television, sofa and table top can make a living room seem pretty boring. Why not enhance your living room with accent colours cushions or pillows?

1. Play with colours and patterns


If your living room has only white walls and bland-coloured sofas (think cream, grey, military green), why not add in a couple of pillows with bright colours and patterns? Patterned pillows add warmth, comfort and visually balance the atmosphere in the living room.

2. Work with the colours around you


The idea here is to use your sofa as the ‘colour anchor’ and then decide on complementary/contrasting colors for the other living room furniture. So, take note of your sofa colour and try to fit everything else along the same colour theme.

For example, if your sofa is orange, you could colour your cushions with different shades of orange such as amber, carrot-orange and gamboge. You could then opt to get a yellow coloured carpet and maybe a lamp with a red shade.  Try experimenting with lighter and darker shades as well!

3. Matching colours

ssssPhoto credits belong to flickr

If you happen to have bright and striking coloured furniture in your living room, you could try using the same striking coloured cushions too. Bear in mind different colour combinations create different moods. Go ahead and experiment to see which colour combination in your living room gives out the best vibes and energy.

4. Draw focus to your furniture


It has happened to everyone once. You bought a table thinking it will fit in with the rest of the furniture in the living room. To your horror, the colour clashes with everything and that marvellous purchase you thought you made suddenly doesn’t look so good.

Fret not, for it can be fixed! One thing you could do is get a couple of white, beige or other bland coloured pillows and cushions. You can do the same for your sofa e.g. draping them with light blue throw rugs or cream coloured fabrics. This serves to blend your sofa and pillows into the background while bringing your fabulously coloured table into the focus of the living room.

5. Lighten up, Brighten up.

ddddddCredit for photo belong to Redbookmag

Besides the cushions and pillows, you can always work on the curtains to liven up your living room. Try leaf curtains, it brings an element of tranquility and calmness while brightening up the room as a whole.

Are you looking for ideas to refresh your living room? Perhaps you need a handyman to help you with sprucing up your comfy abode? Give our friendly and ever reliable interior design experts at Kaodim a call for your house fix-up!