Top Bathroom Colour Ideas

Colour is very evocative; different shades and hues can create either an uplifting or a calming effect. In small areas, which many bathrooms are, colour packs a powerful punch.

Bathroom paint colours are tricky because of the lack of natural light in the bathroom. Think about the quality of light illuminating your bathroom. Rooms that face north or east need colours from the warmer end of the spectrum; whilst cool colours such as blues, suit sunnier rooms.

Nothing can alter a paint colour faster than overhead artificial lights. When selecting the paint colours for your bathroom, it is crucial to look at paint cards and samples in the bathroom itself with the lighting.  Often times, what you thought was a very neutral colour like grey (yes even grey!) can turn into orange or even light brown when showered with artificial lights.


White is the default bathroom colour. It has strong connotations of purity and cleanliness. It is a good choice for basic fittings and fixtures, as coloured suites can be very dominant and you may tire of the shade before you can afford to replace the fittings. In the right context, where there is good natural light, an all white décor is luxurious and restful.

white 2

 2. Blue

Blue is a popular bathroom colour, as its association with water and ocean evokes the ambience of calmness and tranquility. Paired with white fittings and fixtures as in the photo below, the repainted bathroom now looks more chic, and feels more serene than before.

Before and After Shots

Blue can also be used as the colour for the tiles on an accent wall in the shower area. It looks opulent, yet never fails to evoke tranquility.

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3. Warm colours

Warm colours such as red, orange and yellow are energizing. In a small bathroom they can be a little dominant; and best restricted to accent shades. Otherwise they need plenty of breathing space. To brighten your bathroom, go for soft, muted tones like light yellow. It instantly adds some zing your bathroom while still looks easy on the eye.

 4. Earth colours

Earth colours such as neutral shades of biscuit, terracotta, cream, brown, and off-white go well with natural surfaces and materials, such as wood and stone. Place a green plant at a corner to complement the look and throw in some pebbles — this instantly creates a spa-like ambience where you can unwind peacefully after a long day.

5. Exotic colours

Are you bold enough to go for exotic colors? One of the exotic colors that you could try is: purple. The amazing thing about purple color theme is that it can transform any bathroom into a royal retreat. Although purple isn’t the most popular color choice for a bathroom but it definitely makes your bathroom looks brilliant. There are innumerable shades of purple that you can easily make your bathroom look unique. Dusty lilac, deep eggplant, bold amethyst, soothing lavender — all these shades are beautiful! A purple bathroom needs to be offset with favorable lighting, be it sunlight or light from a bulb.

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Alternatively you could go for a bold red.  

red bathroom

Found your preference for a bathroom color? Need further advice on how to revamp your bathroom? Find a renovation contractor on and let them handle the rest!