How To Choose a CCTV and Alarm System

CCTV security camera for home security & surveillance.

A far cry from a couple of years ago, home security systems technology have advanced in leaps and bounds. Not only have security systems gone high tech, the average price of a complete alarm security system has slowly decreased. Nowadays, one can virtually find almost any type of cctv security camera and alarm system anywhere in abundance.

To make things complicated, each system claims unique features that make it stand out from its rivals. So, our ever helpful Kaodim goblins have scoured the wisdom of the ancients to present to you a couple of crucial questions, which you should ask yourself to determine the best high tech home security system, for you. We’ve reached out to alarm & CCTV system experts, interior designers and renovation contractors throughout Malaysia to bring you this piece.

Are you a renter or a homeowner?

If you’re a renter, you should consider a wireless system that you can DIY yourself so you can easily move it from one location to another when you move. This may not seem like a big deal when you first move in or contemplate a house or renovation project, but the last thing you want is to invest a large sum of money on an alarm & CCTV system – only to find that you can’t take it with you when you move to a different house.

How a wireless alarm system works

If you’re a homeowner, your choices are unlimited can install almost any home cctv security system depending on your needs and budget.

Do you plan to move in the next one to three years?

If your answer is yes, companies that require a long-term contract may not work for you. Luckily, there are a number of firms which provide the necessary handling and storage for your service and equipment at no cost. These are all things that you can and should run by your interior designer, renovation contractor or alarm & CCTV system expert – once you communicate this across, they’ll probably be able to recommend a suitable firm that suits your needs.

Do you want or need security cameras?

types of security cameras
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These devices is useful whether you’re at home or away. When you’re at home, you can keep an eye on family members in other rooms or see who is at the front door from the couch. When you’re away, you will be able to monitor the house remotely. The advantages of using security cameras exceed beyond avoiding intrusions. Here are some examples of cameras:

1. Dome camera

This camera is the most widely used for indoor security and surveillance purposes.

2. Bullet camera

This type is ideal for outdoor use, specifically in instances that require long distance viewing. They look high-tech too, a nice accompaniment to any house or office security system. After all, if you’ve managed to make your house or office look secure, that’s half the battle won in the form of a deterrent.

3. C-mount camera

These come with detachable lenses and let users change the lens to fit different applications. With C-mount cameras, it is viable to use special lenses which can cover beyond the limited distance.

These are just a few important criteria to consider when choosing the right alarm system for your home. As always, when in doubt, don’t hesitate to seek advice from the professionals! House or office renovation contractors, interior designers & of course, home security alarm & CCTV experts would be able to point you in the right direction.

Thinking of installing a security alarm system for your home but not sure which security system to buy, and where to buy it as well as, how to install it? Head on over to Kaodim, engage our CCTV professionals and home security alarm system experts for your complete peace of mind.