How To Kaodim Your Dark Eye Circles & Eye Bags

Grooming experts tell us that you only have seven seconds to make an impression on someone. Appearance and actions decide whether it will be a good or bad one, and you can bet that those dark eye circles and large eye bags won’t work in your favour.

The first things that people tend to notice of a person’s physical appearance are their eyes. Having obvious dark eye circles and eye bags tell someone that you’re tired, and may inevitably come across as unfriendly. Here are some tips on how to fix them before your upcoming interview or date:

1. Use Lipstick To Conceal The Dark Circles And Eye Bags

It sounds crazy to rub bright red lipstick around your eyes, but that’s what some girls do and it works! Use a brush to apply any red-orange lipstick on your dark circles, let it set for a while, then apply your concealer over them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that it works better than just applying concealer over them.

This makeup tip also works on eye bags.

2. Place Cool Cucumber Slices Over Your Eyes

cucumber slicesPhoto credit: Reader’s Digest

Cucumber is a really hydrating food. It contains a lot of water, Vitamin C, and Caffeic acid. These components can help reduce swelling around your eyes.

Chill the cucumber slices for 30 minutes before putting them on your dark circles. Leave them there for 10 minutes, then wash your eye area with water. It’s recommended to do this twice a day for a week for best results.

3. Drink More Water

Pouring water into glass on blue backgroundPhoto credit: Lush Zone

This may sound like your mum’s advice for everything, and she’s right about it. Dark eye circles and eye bags could be caused by broken blood vessels, hyperpigmentation after inflammation, or excessive tobacco and caffeine intake. Your eyes become puffy due to your body being dehydrated.

So, drink up! Water is good for your eyes too!

4. Pick An Orange-Hued Concealer

orange-concealer2Photo credit: What Woman Needs

Concealers with an orange undertone work better on concealing dark circles. This is probably why applying your usual concealer over bright red lipstick does the trick in keeping those circles hidden too.

5. Apply Concealer On Your Eye Bag’s Shadow

eye-bagPhoto credit: The Cut

The right way to conceal your eye bags is to not apply concealer on your eye bag itself. You should only apply them on shadow of your eye bag. This is to reduce the the size of your eye bag, making it look smaller than it actually is.

6. Get A Good Eye Cream

Photo credit: Tip Top Toe

Eye creams may be expensive but rest assured, they’re not a waste of money. Most of them contain anti-inflammatory materials, which can help decrease the swellness around the eyes and hydrate the eye area. So do your research online and ask your girlfriends for advice on the best eye creams to invest in. 

Most importantly, keep yourself hydrated and invest in a good eye cream for the long term. Remember, your lifestyle affects your appearance too.

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written by Esther Chung