Your Plumber Can Help You Save Money And Water! Here’s How

You call your plumber whenever there’s a big emergency – broken pipes, clogged toilets – but did you know that they can help you save water and money as well? Here’s how:


1. Fix Leaks

Image Credit: Expert Leak Detection Service



Of course you’d engage a plumber’s services for the obvious dripping pipes, but sometimes there’ll be leaks that you don’t notice. It could be that annoying trickling pipe you’ve learned to live with or an unseen leak within your walls.  Out of sight, out of mind? Not so fast! These  leaks will not only ramp up your water use and bill, but can also build up and cause costly structural damage to your house.

Get a plumber to identify and permanently fix leaks to save on water and long-term home maintenance cost!


2. Modernise Fixtures

Modernise fixtures
Image Credit: American Standard



You’ve grown used to the pressure and flow of your decade-old house’s waterways, so why bother forking out extra for a plumbing upgrade? For one, newer, better, and more efficient plumbing and fixtures can improve your experience and expenditure in the long run!

Old fixtures can become inefficient and leaky, wasting water and driving up your water bill. Consider installing new, more efficient, and better infrastructure to help with these. Reach out to your plumber for the best recommendations for your home and needs.


3. Get A Better Toilet

Better toilets
Image Credit: Denton Rotor Rooter



Most preinstalled ‘standard’ toilets are inefficient and use a lot of water – your literally throwing water and money with each flush! Consider getting an upgraded unit that not only saves water, but is more comfortable to use as well. While you can install a new toilet on your own, it’s best to leave the work – and avoid the mess – by getting a professional to do it.


4. Make Efficient Replacements

Image Credit: Sun Rise



Besides fixes and upgrades, consider getting your plumber to help swap out standard models of features – like your shower, sink or bathtub – for more water-conserving units. A larger tub and sink uses more water, and standard shower heads are often not the most water-efficient. Reach out to your plumber for more water-efficient types of features to save on your usage and water bill.


Thinking of going water-friendly or just need a quick plumbing fix? The professional plumbers on Kaodim are here to help!