How often should you clean your aircond?

Living in a country with frequent rainfall and regular outdoor dusts, it is essential to conduct aircond cleaning regularly to prevent moisture build-up plus clogging of dust and dirt. Cleaning your airconds regularly can ensure your air conditioning units are functioning at their maximum capabilities. In the long run, it can save you money by reducing your electrical bills and preventing future breakdowns. 

Well, how frequently should an aircond unit be cleaned?


Every 2-4 weeks 

clean filter

It is inevitable for dust and dirt to accumulate on the aircond filters. When dust is clogged in the filters for a prolonged period of time, it causes moisture build-up, turning it into the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Consequently, your air conditioning unit might release an awful smell or trigger an allergic reaction. To solve this, you can simply remove the filter, wash the blocked-up filter, let dry and put it back in. However, to avoid mishaps in DIY cleaning, it is highly recommended to seek professional services for a more thorough clean. Switching on airconds with cleaned filters can certainly reduce its energy consumption. 


Every 3 months 

For household with furry friends or that frequent kitchen usage, it is recommended to conduct aircond cleaning once every 3 months as pet fur and grease can easily be trapped inside the air conditioning unit. As time goes, it will release an unpleasant smell or even cause damages to the AC units. 


Every 6 – 12 months

To properly maintain home AC units, it is recommended to schedule regular aircond cleaning by professional technicians every 6-12  months depending on your aircond usage frequency. By hiring skilled technicians, they’re able to not only clean and maintain your aircond but also point out potential minor defects to be repaired for you to avoid a major repair or even a replacement. 


Yes, air conditioners are awesome as they make our daily lives extra comfortable, give us a good night’s sleep. Having a well-serviced aircon can also prep to cool your home for the year-long hot weather we have here. Hence, it is crucial for aircond owners to conduct regular cleaning to maintain the efficiency and condition of the aircond. Hire our aircond cleaning experts for your aircond cleaning and servicing needs now!