How long can Coronavirus lasts on these surfaces

We are constantly told to wash our hands to prevent coronavirus but what about the different surfaces that w come in contact with? Could they potentially be harmful to our health? Here are a few surfaces and how long coronavirus can last on them.

1. Will last as long as 4-5 days on the surface of plastic, paper and glass

The Coronavirus can stay on plastic medical equipment or plastic packaging for up to five days after initial contamination. The plastic products include your drink bottles, containers, contact lens case and such. It is also important to disinfect your plastic products frequently to get rid of these viruses. In addition to plastics, the viruses are able to survive 4-5 days on the surface of paper and glass as well. Advise your elders to wash their hands after reading the newspaper. In addition, you can make your payment with cashless mode to reduce the use of paper money. On the other hand, your mobile phone is a great place for viruses to hang out as well, this is because the glass surface of a mobile phone frequently harbours contagions, especially for those who are holding their phone constantly which makes them an easy target for viruses. 

2. The virus will remain on the surfaces of aluminium and surgical gloves for 8 hours

The virus can last on aluminium surfaces for 2 to 8 hours. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after you prepare your meals. This is because aluminium can be found in food-related products including pots and pans, beverage cans and other storage containers. It is easy to get the viruses onto your hands while holding them. What about surgical gloves? According to a UK doctor, surgical gloves can collect germs or bacteria on their surface up to 8 hours. Moreover, while surgical gloves are able to protect your hands from coming into contact with any equipment in the public area directly, the bacterias or germs may even remain there for a long time as they are not washed frequently. This situation will lead to an increased risk of catching the virus by touching your food or face with your surgical gloves on.

3. Up to 48 hours on steel products

Also, the Coronavirus appears to be able to linger on stainless steel for 48 hours, which is 2 days. A wide number of products are made of steel, including surgical tools, kitchen appliances and utensils. So cooking at home is highly recommended during the crucial period.

So as you can see Coronavirus is not just about coming in contact with a person infected, but also there are many surfaces the Coronavirus could be hiding. That is why it’s important to get your home cleaned.

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